Coaching Female Tennis Players: Drills to Engage, Develop & Empower

Coaching Female Tennis Players: Drills to Engage, Develop & Empower
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Build a stronger connection with female players through tailored training techniques!

  • Learn methods of warming up female players to keep them engaged
  • Teach players how to be more consistent and place value in playing longer points
  • Help players develop a competitive desire and unwavering pursuit of excellence

with Emma Doyle,
Tennis Australia High Performance Coach;
ACE Coach Education and Sports NLP Director;
United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) - Professional 1;
Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) Performance Coach;
Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) Practitioner;
2006 Australian Junior Fed Cup Captain and Junior World Team Captain (2003-2006);
20+ years of experience in teaching, coaching, and mentoring (coached at Bollettieri, Saddlebrook and Evert tennis academies);
played collegiately (#1 singles/doubles, MVP) at Middle Tennessee State University

Coaches of female tennis players are often looking for effective, innovative techniques to reach and engage their athletes. In this video, Tennis Australia High Performance Coach Emma Doyle provides several techniques, drills, and strategies that you can use immediately with your female athletes. You'll instantly get a feel for why Coach Doyle has been such a successful mentor for the last 20 years in the areas of teaching and coaching.

Values and Warm-Up Activities

Doyle begins by explaining how she teaches values, which includes methods like creating vision boards and simple add-ins like warming-up to music. Prior to a warm-up, she has her female athletes select a positive affirmation card, which features a gemstone along with a trait of a quality tennis player that they want to emulate and add to their own game.

For warm-up activities, you'll see how to incorporate coordination claps, a crab walk routine, volley dance, up & downs, and throw tennis drill that prepare females physically and mentally for competition. These exercises allow athletes to warm-up in a more meaningful, connected, and engaged way.

Task-Based Activities

Coach Doyle includes a number of drills that are sure to improve your players' skills and keep them having fun at the same time. You'll see her run through drills like:

  • Grand Slams
  • College Tennis (with multiple versions)
  • Serve, Return, Plus One
  • Soft Hands
  • Four Ball Challenge

"Female players don't really care what you know until they know that you care," says Coach Doyle, and in this video she provides you with numerous methods that will help you connect with your female players and improve their tennis skills at the same time. If you want to run a program that engages, develops and empowers female players, Coach Doyle has exactly what you need!

49 minutes. 2019.

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