Circuit Training and Conditioning with the Ball

Circuit Training and Conditioning with the Ball
Circuit Training and Conditioning with the Ball
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Product Description

  • Discover over 20 drills you can use to improve your team technically, while simultaneously improving their physical fitness
  • See how to utilize the FIFA 11+ ACL injury prevention program to help prevent injury in your athletes
  • Add competition to your conditioning drills to encourage your players to train to their edge
  • Combine "station drills" to create a compelling, energetic condition circuit
with Marcus Wood, Hardin-Simmons University Head Women's Soccer Coach;
2010 NCAA D-III National Champions; 2010 NSCA National Coach of the Year;
ranks third all-time among NCAA women's soccer coaches at all levels in career winning percentage (.868); 8x American Southwest Conference Coach of the Year; 11x American Southwest Conference champions (including 10 in a row); over 230 career wins; NCAA Record 145 game conference unbeaten streak

Add a ball, competition and fun to your soccer conditioning!

2010 NSCA National Coach of the Year Marcus Wood demonstrates over 20 drills that will simultaneously develop technical skills and physical fitness. Wood demonstrates 19 "station drills" that can be combined to create a conditioning circuit and two additional drills that include the entire team.

Each drill combines a technical component such as ball control, dribbling, shooting or passing with conditioning elements such as plyometric bounding exercises for ACL injury prevention, speed ladder exercises that improve agility and footwork, change of direction drills, sprints for aerobic conditioning, and more. Also included are drills that will get your goalkeepers involved and present them with game-like challenges.

Many of the drills can be adjusted to the skill level and conditioning level of your players and to make them more competitive to increase the intensity. This kind of flexibility will also allow you to develop an effective work-to-rest ratio during fitness training to get the most out of your players.

Players get bored with the same conditioning exercises over and over again. Coach Wood gives you a plethora of exercises that will change-up your normal conditioning practice and keep your players more focused and motivated.

56 minutes. 2012.

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