Chris Plumb's Ultimate Dryland Training for Swimming

Chris Plumb's Ultimate Dryland Training for Swimming
Chris Plumb's Ultimate Dryland Training for Swimming
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Product Description

Develop a complete, systematic, dryland program to turn swimmers into well-balanced athletes!

  • Improve athleticism, prevent injury, and teach the connection of body movements in or out of the water
  • Get exercises done in progression that aid in development of strong core muscles, improving coordination and stability
  • Learn exercise sets that train movements, not muscles, increasing strength and explosiveness in the water

with Chris Plumb,
Head Coach and CEO of Carmel Swim Club;
Carmel (IN) High School Head Boys and Girls Swim Coach - each squad won the 2018 IHSAA State Championship;
7x State Champions (boys program - including 4 in a row 2015-18), 12 consecutive State Championship (girls program - 2007-18); has coached multiple Olympic trial swimmers and national age group record holders. USA Swimming Gold Medal Club of Excellence in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014, Team USA staff for the 2014 Junior Pan Pacific Championships and the 2014 FINA World Championships, Indiana Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame (2011)

The concept of dryland training can be daunting because it takes the athlete out of the water and into unfamiliar territory. Without the proper education in strength and movement training, more harm can be done than good.

Chris Plumb has a simple, easy to tailor dryland program that will keep your team engaged during their workout. His simple progression helps prevent injury, prepares for the demands of swimming, and teaches connection of movements that create the explosive power needed to be the best of the best.

Coach Plumb walks you through a complete session. He explains how it's designed and implemented, and you'll see how athletes move through each exercise, fully demonstrating how each repetition is accomplished. His use of motion in three planes increases core strength, stability, and explosiveness off the block and walls.

No fancy weight room is needed for Coach Plumb's dryland program. It can be done on any budget with little to no equipment. Use of PVC pipe, small cans, or simple ropes can elevate anyone's dryland program. Your swimmers will have fun doing the coordination drills.


Learn the five main things athletes need to do to fully prepare their body before a workout begins:

  • Mini bands activate hips and glutes
  • Coordination - Gets the body working together/connected
  • Core Module - Fires the entire core of the body
  • Crawling - Connects the hands and feet to create synchronization
  • Lunge and Reach - Creates spatial awareness

Explosive Exercise

The central nervous system is the focus, and this is best done early in the workout. This cycle of work translates to swimmers' starts from the blocks and turns when leaving the wall. Some exercises you'll see include arm step-ups in a plank position, mixed height box jumps, and overhead squats.

Leg Circuit

The leg circuit is comprised of four foundational exercises: squats, lunges, step-ups and squat jumps. These exercises hit every muscle in the legs and build leg strength to help transition to kicking and leg strength capacity in the pool.

Upper Body

This portion is done with dumbbells and/or rings to enforce a freedom of movement to increase stability in the shoulder and the connection to the core. These exercises include pull-ups, body rows, and push-ups. As athletes progress in the season, they can move on to a dumbbell complex that includes explosive movements, push movements, leg motions, and pulling.

Core Work

In this phase of training, athletes work in the three planes of motion (frontal, sagittal, and transverse) to create stability in the body. Planks, and planks with movements, are used to develop athletes' ability to hold a streamline in the pool.

Are you in need of a new dryland program? Chris Plumb has the program you've been looking for! Plumb's easy-to-follow, progressive program takes the ‘guess work' out of finding the exercises that will help your team the most in the pool.

"I found Chris Plumb's dryland program was simple for me to initiate with very little equipment. The kids loved it! Best of all, each got stronger and faster. I continue to use Plumb's dryland program and will do for many years." - Customer Review

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