Cheryl Burnett: The Complete Guide to the Run and Jump Scramble Defense

Cheryl Burnett: The Complete Guide to the Run and Jump Scramble Defense
Cheryl Burnett: The Complete Guide to the Run and Jump Scramble Defense
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with Cheryl Burnett,
former SW Missouri State Head Coach;
former University of Michigan Women's Head Coach

Coach Burnett shares one of the most dominating defensive systems in college basketball history. Coach Burnett teaches you the defense she learned from Dean Smith, Jim Larranaga, and Bob Knight and illustrates how it can change your team and coaching career. Coach Burnett is considered one of the most innovative minds in college basketball today. This video will teach and demonstrate how to implement this dominating, tournament-tested pressure defensive system. The two major philosophical teaching points of this effective defense are forcing teams into situations they are not prepared for and forcing them to play at a pace that they have never played before.

Coach Burnett demonstrates a step-by-step progression that details how to design and camouflage your run and jump defense using five key teaching points. Burnett also shares competitive practice drills used by her team to emulate game-like conditions and to help solidify the teaching concepts into your player's instinctive defensive reactions.

Coach Burnett shows you the full- and half-court teaching components from 1-on-1 to 5-on-5 situational coaching. She shares the secret keys that make this defense impossible to scout and makes it difficult for your opponent to run an effective offense. Coach Burnett also shares numerous special situations and calls, such as trapping off of the first dribble and trapping off of the first pass. This is an impressive instructional video for teaching one of the most feared press defenses in the game today. This defense is perfect for changing the tempo of the game, creating turnovers, or complimenting your basic man-to-man defense!

2004.70 minutes.

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