Cheer to Pin: 25 Wrestling Cheers

Cheer to Pin: 25 Wrestling Cheers
Cheer to Pin: 25 Wrestling Cheers
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Product Description

  • Discover an assortment of 25 wrestling cheers to add to your cheer collection
  • Learn the basic wrestling moves to ensure cheers are appropriately implemented
  • Easily change the words in these cheers to individualize them for your school
with Dana Logan,
Ames (IA) High School Head Winter Cheer Coach (Basketball & Wrestling) and Championship Production's Cheer Education Director

Add variety to your wrestling cheer squad's repertoire with 25 new wrestling cheers! Dana Logan delivers cheers in four categories designed specifically to be used at various times in a wrestling match. These essential categories include:

  • Neutral Cheers (5 cheers for takedowns from the neutral position)
  • Offense Cheers (5 cheers for pinning situations)
  • Defense Cheers (5 cheers for reversals/escapes)
  • Anytime Cheers (10 general cheers for use at any point during a match)
Each cheer is fully demonstrated, broken down and explained, then shown again to make mastering them a fun and easy task. Wrestlers are used throughout the video to demonstrate the key wrestling positions, so that your cheerleaders can be confident they're using the correct cheers at the correct times.

Coach Logan also provides examples of ways you can change the words in your cheers to make them more specific to your team or school.

This presentation is great for squads with a lot of experience looking for some new ideas, as well as for squads trying to build their wrestling cheer program and learn the cheer basics for wrestling!

32 minutes. 2013.

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