Championship Speed and Power Drills: Horizontal Jumps

Championship Speed and Power Drills: Horizontal Jumps
Championship Speed and Power Drills: Horizontal Jumps
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Over 35 specific drills designed to develop championship-level horizontal jumpers!

  • Learn how to transfer plyometric and strength training drills to the runway to seamlessly train your long and triple jumpers
  • Incorporate bosu ball drills into your workouts to increase balance and strengthen the ankle and lower leg muscles
  • Get exercises that prepare athletes for the expected jump and landing sequences, as well as unexpected takeoffs and landings

with Nick Kohl,
Wartburg College Assistant Coach,
USA Track and Field Level I certification;
former University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse Assistant Coach/Jumps;
mentored eight NCAA DIII National Champions and 30 DIII All-Americans, 12-Time MidWest Regional Coach of the Year

Speed and power are the key elements behind a successful horizontal jumper. Drills designed to teach form, technique, and strength building are the secret behind a winning jump. You'll learn how to simulate the correct phases of the jump progression with drills in this video.

Nick Kohl demonstrates his proven drills that are designed to build championship-level jumpers. Coach Kohl's comprehensive training program is designed to teach the athlete to simulate the penultimate step, drive up and out, to reach out with their feet. The drills are a step-by-step progression of plyometric drills, running form, and jump drills that lead to successful jumps. Coach Kohl's program will cover everything from the basics behind the jump to the actual take-off.

Plyometric Mat Drills

Mat drills are a great way to add a technical component to the warm up, or safely help injured athletes return to practice. Coach Kohl demonstrates several low-intensity skipping and bounding drills that he uses to cure posture and technique. Performing these drills on a softer surface also enables coaches to safely incorporate more of these drills into the workouts without fear of increased injury risk.

Form Running Drills

The ability to maintain postural alignment on the runway is critical to success in the jumping events. In this collection of drills, Coach Kohl takes you through a methodical progression of exercises, starting with a standing leg cycle drill and progressing from skips, to weighted walks and runs. The use of a weight plate will help your jumpers develop core stability by limiting the use of their hands, which improves core strength, posture, balance and technique.

Sand Drills

Coach Kohl ties everything together in the final segment with a series of jump drills into the sand pit. He focuses on sand drills to give the athlete foot and ankle dexterity so when the athlete jumps and sprints, they can maximize their performance. The sand drills are important because they add a different and challenging alternative to a jumper's normal routine while still adding to their explosive base.

If you're seeking a guide to improving your athletes' horizontal jumps, this video from Coach Kohl is sure to improve the abilities of your jumpers.

"I am certified in Speed and Agility Training, but some of these drills and exercises I have never seen before. I believe this video will help any athlete wanting to reach their full potential in track and field jumping events." - Customer Review.

33 minutes. 2017.

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