Championship Signature Move Series - Troy Nickerson: Crab Ride

Championship Signature Move Series - Troy Nickerson: Crab Ride
Championship Signature Move Series - Troy Nickerson: Crab Ride
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Product Description

  • Learn three finishes to gain bonus points
  • Learn to flow from the crab ride into a leg series
  • Get in-depth instruction from 4-time All American Troy Nickerson
with Troy Nickerson,
University of Northern Colorado Head Coach;
2009 NCAA Champion and 4x All American at Cornell University

Let NCAA Champion Troy Nickerson show you how multi-dimensional the crab ride can be.

Nickerson, a 4-time All American and 2009 NCAA Champion at Cornell, was lethal with the crab ride, finishing his college career with the second most career falls in Cornell history. What made Nickerson so dangerous was his ability to flow into many different pinning combinations using the crab ride.

In this on-the-mat demonstration, Nickerson takes an in-depth look at the Crab Ride, breaking it down starting with the basic positioning, then transitioning into a leg series, to a bar half series and finally a tilt series. In each series Nickerson shows you multiple ways to score back points no matter what your opponent tries to counter you with.

To get an edge on your opponent, Nickerson demonstrates how to get into proper position before the whistle even blows. He shows how to use your arms and legs to better execute the move and put your opponent in position to gain back points. He shows you how to use the spiral ride to get your opponent off balance making it easier for you to secure the crab. Once the crab ride is in, Nickerson teaches you for different finishes to get a fall, including a claw series.

If you happen to get stopped while in the crab, Nickerson demonstrates how to use it as a set-up to a leg series that features three different techniques that will give you back points.

In addition, Nickerson gives you a bar half series that can be used from the crab ride. And he will show you how the bar series can easily flow into a tilt series for more bonus points.

Nickerson clearly demonstrates and explains the proper techniques for each move, making it easy to implement for any wrestler at any level.

Become more dominant on top with Troy Nickerson's Crab Ride techniques.

42 minutes. 2011.

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