Championship Signature Move Series: Obe Blanc's Single Leg Attacks

Championship Signature Move Series: Obe Blanc's Single Leg Attacks
Championship Signature Move Series: Obe Blanc's Single Leg Attacks
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Product Description

  • Learn how to score more often from the feet using one of the world's most efficient takedowns
  • See how to develop superior set-ups to get in on shots
  • Learn nine different ways to finish shots from the feet or on the mat
  • Discover the art of recovering and finishing from bad positions
with Obe Blanc, North Carolina State University Assistant Coach;
2013 U.S. World Team Trials and U.S. Open champion;
2x US World Team member; former All-American wrestler at Lock Haven and Oklahoma State

Used by wrestlers at all levels, the single leg is the number one takedown in the world. To execute it effectively, however, requires learning proper mechanics. In this video, Obe Blanc teaches the ins and outs of this safe, high-percentage move that has made him one of the best wrestlers in the world.

The single leg attack begins with a solid set-up. Learn how to bait opponents into stepping into the single-leg trap, which often leads to a takedown. Blanc gives subtle positioning tips for hand, head, and knee placement. Learn how to use the wrist roll, elbow control and inside control to weaken an opponent's position.

Blanc shares a variety of skills from set-up to attack. He demonstrates the cross leg, sweep (or swing) single, and a low level single, as well as folk-style and freestyle finishes for each single attack. While working through these techniques, he emphasizes the footwork that is often overlooked. Having multiple attacks provides more opportunities to secure an opponent's leg.

Once the leg is secured, you have to know how to finish the attack. Blanc demonstrates multiple finishes for various situations and predicaments, including shelving, running the pike and posting. Each opponent reacts differently to an attack and knowing several finishes provides the ability to neutralize an opponent's counters.

As an added bonus, this DVD includes tips for getting out of bad positions. Blanc troubleshoots many of the positions that cause wrestler the most problems. All wrestlers find themselves in bad positions, but knowledgeable wrestlers know what to do to turn these situations into scoring opportunities. Stop guessing what to do when your opponent counters your single. Whether on your feet or on the mat, you'll have the tools to finish and secure the takedown.

The techniques provided by Obe teach wrestlers have to strengthen every move from takedown to scrambling out of bad positions. This is a must-have DVD for any athlete who wants to move into the next level of competitiveness.

53 minutes. 2013.

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