Championship Signature Move Series: Jordan Leen's Safe Leg Series

Championship Signature Move Series: Jordan Leen's Safe Leg Series
Championship Signature Move Series: Jordan Leen's Safe Leg Series
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Product Description

  • Learn safe leg riding techniques for any body type
  • Discover eight different setups to get a leg in
  • Learn drills that will teach you how to use your feet as an extra set of hands
  • Master all aspects of this technique, from multiple set-ups, to turns, to what to do when the lock isn't perfect
with Jordan Leen,
University of Pittsburgh Assistant Coach;
former University of Virginia Associate Head Coach;
2015 ACC Tournament Champions;
2008 NCAA Champion at Cornell; 3x All American; 2x EIWA Champion; 2005 Ivy League Rookie of the Year

Learn a new style of leg riding that can be performed by any wrestler.

Sometimes wrestlers don't feel comfortable having a leg in. NCAA Champion Jordan Leen shows a safe leg series that eliminates the fear of having a "trapped" leg. This simple series promotes safe positioning and turns with little risk. This makes the series applicable to any member of the team. NCAA champions, tall and short, stocky and wiry, have found success with this series.

Leen guides you through all of the locks, turns, falls, and set-ups. This is a slightly different ride than the traditional leg ride and Leen reveals the secrets that make it so effective.

The Lock
Mastering the "Safe Leg Lock" can be accomplished using three key principles. Once the basic position has been mastered, you will learn four different safe locks that can be applied to your opponent's body. After getting comfortable in the safe lock position, Leen shows you how to get the turn.

Getting the Turn
From the safe lock, Coach Leen demonstrates two turns to get back points. First, techniques to get a turn with a Turk are shown, followed by getting the turn with a "Jacob's Hook." The key to both turns is that the hips always stop on top of your opponent, keeping you out of danger. He also touches on the possible defenses to the safe leg series. Lastly, Leen works backwards and shows you how to get into the safe lock position from a variety of breakdowns.

Getting to the Position
Learn how to get to the perfect lock from a variety of breakdowns including the Chop, Tight-Waist, Claw, and finally the Western Ride. Leen goes over getting to the lock after getting your opponent to his belly using a Four Post Ride and two techniques - the Lock/Re-Lock and the Scoop.

Coach Leen is one of the premier clinicians in the country and his teaching style will be beneficial to any wrestler or wrestling program - including yours! Leen's Safe Leg Series teaches not only how to be a great rider on top, but to be a great scorer on top, as well. This technique can be used by an entire team, regardless of weight class or body type.

46 minutes. 2013.

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