Championship Signature Move Series: Coleman Scott's Double Leg Takedown

Championship Signature Move Series: Coleman Scott's Double Leg Takedown
Championship Signature Move Series: Coleman Scott's Double Leg Takedown
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Product Description

  • Learn four proven variations of the double leg takedown from 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist Coleman Scott
  • Multiple set-ups to constantly score when using the double leg
  • Score more takedowns on your counter-shots
  • Learn to move your hands and feet together to put yourself in position to get in deep and score
with Coleman Scott, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist;
University of North Carolina Assistant Coach;
2008 NCAA Champion and 4x All American at Oklahoma State; 2x USA Junior Freestyle National Champion; 3x-time Pennsylvania HS State Champion

Coleman Scott teaches you the signature double leg takedowns that have made him an NCAA champion and an Olympic medalist.

Open Double Leg
The first double leg that Scott shows is an Open Double Leg, which allows you to score when your opponent won't tie up with you, or let you control the tie. He starts off by talking about the importance of moving your hands and feet together when attacking, which allows you to explode through your opponent for an easy finish. He then demonstrates how to set up the double leg from the open position and how to penetrate through your opponent to finish the shot. Coleman finishes all of his double legs by locking his hands around his opponents butt to eliminate a sprawl.

Elbow Pull Double
Every wrestlers needs to know how to shoot from a tie-up. The Elbow Pull Double is a great double to shoot from a control tie. This unique takedown emphasizes changing levels. Inexperienced wrestlers often rely on their feet to get to their opponent rather than using their arms to pull them over the top. Scott shows you how to isolate your elbow pull and improve your ability to pull your opponent past you to open him up for an attack.

Misdirection Double
The Misdirection Double is simply hard to defend if executed properly. This double is designed to trick your opponent. Your head goes to the opposite side of a traditional double leg and your trail leg comes up behind your opponent's leg to trip him. Scott learned this technique from Olympic Gold medalist Kenny Monday, and Scott credits many of his wins this year to learning and mastering this misdirection double.

Post Double
Force your opponent to reach, post above the elbow, and shoot. This is a great double leg to shoot when hand fighting.

Scott ends the video by showing a track stance sprawl drill that he did while training for the 2012 Olympics. This drill trains you to quickly transition from a defensive "track stance" directly into your double leg shot. Not only will it help you get your shot, but trains you to counter the first aggressive movement your opponent makes.

This double leg series will make your wrestler's double leg attack unstoppable.

58 minutes. 2013.

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