Championship Practice Drills for Wrestling

Championship Practice Drills for Wrestling
Championship Practice Drills for Wrestling
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  • Learn drills that will help you stay in good position late in a match
  • Defend shots and score off your opponent's attack
  • Get shot-re-shot drills and train your wrestlers to be in position and anticipate their second attacks
  • Integrate drills that emphasize winning the battle on the edge of the mat
  • Learn mental drills to help team members focus and build a mental picture of victory

with Nick Mitchell,
Grand View University Head Coach,
2019 NAIA National Champions - Eighth straight NAIA National Titles (2012-19) - first team to win eight straight NAIA National titles;
2012, 2013, 2014 & 2016 NAIA National Coach of the Year - 4x NAIA National Coach of the Year (2012, 2013, 2015, 2016).
As an athlete, Coach Mitchell was a three-time NCAA Division III All-American for Wartburg College (also a member of the Wartburg College Athletic Hall of Fame)

Nick Mitchell delivers more than 20 practice drills that have helped Grand View University become a championship team in only four years of existence and has helped sustain their success to an aazing 8 straight National Championships through 2019! The drills were developed to create situations that your wrestlers will find themselves in during a match, and will reinforce good positioning and build muscle memory so that your wrestlers will know how to react in any situation.

Drills from the Feet
Staying in good position is key to being successful in any match, but especially late in the period or match when you have to score and dominate your opponent. Coach Mitchell shows drills and situations that lead to consistent scoring on your feet. From stance to defense, these drills train muscle memory that is necessary to score from the feet.

Short Offense Drills
Coach Mitchell's teams are known for their front headlocks and short offense. He demonstrates useful drills and does a great job emphasizing the finer points of short offense that, combined with these drills, will help wrestlers score from this position.

Drills from the Top and Bottom Position
Wrestlers have to learn how to score from the bottom as well as how to ride and score from the top position. Coach Mitchell provides several drills from the bottom and top positions that are common problems for wrestlers. In these situations, Mitchell demonstrates techniques for wrestlers to get away, ride or turn their opponent.

Hand Fighting
Hand fighting should always have a purpose and that is for the wrestler to get their controls. Coach Mitchell provides a few different types of hand fighting drills, including a drill that will force your wrestlers to use three different set-ups to accomplish their goals.

Coach Mitchell also uses mental training in his program to both train the body (developing mental toughness) and the mind (developing confidence and a Champion's mindset). This is often a key that is over-looked by many lower tier coaches and parents and needs to be developed further in order for any athlete to reach his full potential.

These drills can be incorporated into any practice room in the country to help any wrestler or coach improve their drilling and improve technique in every position while on the mat.

76 minutes. 2013.

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