Catching Drills & Mechanics

Catching Drills & Mechanics
Catching Drills & Mechanics
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  • Improve your Baseball coaching!
  • Learn from Steve Johnigan!
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with Steve Johnigan,
former Assistant Baseball Coach, current Director of Athletic Facilities & Operations,
Baylor University

This video is filled with drills to improve your catcher's technique, anticipation, and conditioning. Demonstrated are proper techniques for stance, receiving, blocking, and throwing. Johnigan demonstrates each technique, then presents drills to reinforce each skill. Drills include: bare hand and glove receiving, blocking pitches (to the right, left, or short of the plate), blocking and framing, pitchout footwork, and throwing to second. Each drill begins basic, then increases in intensity to simulate game-like situations. The Baylor program uses these drills every day to improve the performance of their catchers!

1999. 61 minutes.

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