Calling a Perfect Game

Calling a Perfect Game
Calling a Perfect Game
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  • Improve your Softball coaching!
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with Linda Wells,
former Arizona State University Head Softball Coach,
Distinguished member of the National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Fame (1991);
Dutch National Softball Team Coach (2008 Olympics),
2004 Head Olympic Coach - Greek National Team

The pitcher/catcher duo is the most important defensive aspect in softball and requires great communication to function successfully. Coach Linda Wells, along with Stacey Farnworth (assistant coach, former Sun Devil player, and starting catcher for the 2004 Greek Olympic Team) give an in-depth presentation on catchers calling the game. Coach Wells begins by discussing the main requirements for both pitchers and catchers to effectively work together. They discuss in detail how to understand and manage the strike zones, multiple factors to consider in pitch selection, identifying and knowing pitcher and hitter strengths and weaknesses, and calling signals. In addition, Coach Wells shares how to enhance the progress of a young catcher and maximize their ability and skill level. She also shares foundational principles that should be applied between any pitcher and catcher, as well as how to study pitchers and hitters using pitching charts. This video clearly defines the role of the catcher in calling the game and how to create a dynamic pitcher/catcher relationship!

59 minutes. 2005.

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