Caleb Padilla's 4-2-5 Defense

Caleb Padilla's 4-2-5 Defense
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  • Discover how to implement a no-huddle defense procedure
  • Teach the proper aiming point for your blitzers to attack
  • Teach your players how to number and identify the receiving threats, as well as how to recognize receiving patterns and match routes

with Caleb Padilla,
Luther College Head Coach;
former Defensive Coordinator at Luther College;
led the Iowa Conference in Pass Defense in back-to-back years (2016-17)

The Run Pass Option (RPO) has become widely used around the nation. In this video, Coach Padilla breaks down the 4-2-5 defense and the approach it takes when scheming against a spread offense that utilizes a strong RPO system. Padilla takes you through the keys and responsibilities for each player and the discipline that is needed in order to avoid getting exploited by the RPO.

Coach Padilla begins with the philosophical approach to his 4-2-5 defense, plus overall team goals and visions. He then takes you through various adjustments made versus formations that are commonly used when creating RPO situations. He shows his no-huddle procedure, which is vital because most RPO teams run a lot of no-huddle throughout a game.

Stopping the Run Game

Typical RPO teams will try to run an abundant amount of plays in order to break your players down mentally and physically. The defensive philosophy is centered on defending the middle of the defense, spilling the ball to the outside, and getting an extra defender at the point of attack. Padilla explains the different roles each player has and how those roles can adjust against multiple formations and personnel. He covers which players become the:

  • Spill player
  • Extra player
  • FPB
  • Launch player
  • Shuffle Squeeze player

Next, Padilla breaks down the run game - with simple adjustments to multiple formations - into Zone, Gap, inside run, and outside run schemes.

Both sideline and end zone game film gives a clear picture of each play. All formations and looks are covered as Coach Padilla does an excellent job of coaching you through the different formations, sets, and plays in the RPO offense.

Slowing Down the No-Huddle

A common approach for RPO teams is to run no-huddle. Padilla covers how he coaches his system to adjust versus no-huddle, including the communication process pre- and post-snap. It will help your defensive line get lined up immediately and then look for signals. Meanwhile, your inside backer will get the front call and your safeties will get the coverage/pressure calls while the corners stay outside the hashes.

Stay on the cutting edge with Coach Padilla as he breaks down the essential components to stop the RPO spread system!

"This video has all of the terminology anyone could ask for as well as reasons why Coach Padilla has emphasized some of these points. This video can really help some coaches avoid the trial and error phase when implementing the 4-2-5 for the first time." - Customer Review

122 minutes. 2018.

with Caleb Padilla,
Luther College Head Coach;
former Defensive Coordinator at Luther College;
led the Iowa Conference in Pass Defense in back-to-back years (2016-17)

Do you want something different for your defense? Are your players smaller than what traditional power defenses require? Then this is the defensive scheme for you! The 4-2-5 allows you to play aggressive defense even if your athletes are smaller than the average team.

The 4-2-5 defense allows defensive coordinators to send players each play and blitz from all angles of the field. Using diagrams and film, Caleb Padilla focuses on the blitz package that is built into his 4-2-5 scheme and how to work with various coverage schemes. He discusses the vital communication that is needed to eliminate mistakes while telling players where they need to be.

Coach Padilla illustrates how he hides the blitzer based on where the ball is placed, the offensive formation, or the wide side of the field. This creates an advantage for the defense as the offense won't know who's coming. He also breaks down how to blitz versus run/pass teams and power teams

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