C.W. Post's 4-4 Defense 4-Pack

C.W. Post's 4-4 Defense 4-Pack
C.W. Post's 4-4 Defense 4-Pack
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Product Description

  • Put your linebackers in positions to make plays
  • Get off the ball and make tackles in the backfield
  • Instill an attacking mentality in your defense
  • Develop a strong, flexible defensive unit
with Bryan Collins,
C.W. Post College Head Coach;
4X Northeast-10 Conference Champions,
3X NCAA Division II playoff qualifier

Bryan Collins is committed to the 8 man front, "G" defense. A big part of this defense's success is the play of inside linebackers. In this football DVD, Collins breaks down technique and coaching emphasis for developing solid inside linebackers. He begins by highlighting the proper stance. Collins teaches proper stance and pre-snap reads to put his linebackers in position to make plays. A key concept for reads that Collins teaches is to "fill open windows" and "scrape closed doors" in a fast flow. The scrape is a linebacker technique that requires hands on the guard and use of the press technique. He discusses other reads such as the full flow read and the rock flow. Teach your linebackers to play with their eyes, feet and hands. Use Collin's technique drills including the force, scrape and press technique. Learn drills to demonstrate backfield flow and gaps, leverage and play against receiver routes. From the marker board to the drill footage, Collins examines the play of inside linebackers within his defensive scheme. Improved linebacker play will help your defense and make it difficult for opponents to score on you.

52 minutes. 2006.

with Frank Chimienti,
C.W. Post College Defensive Coordinator

Frank Chimienti believes that "linebackers make tackles, but linemen make tackles for losses." Aggressive players "get off the ball" and this must be drilled and developed in your football practice. To that extent, Chimienti presents the techniques and drills he uses at C.W. Post to instill an "Attack Mentality." To be successful in attack mentality football, it is essential to crowd the football. A good stance will help defensive linemen to make plays on the other side of the line. Chimienti teaches both the right and left-handed stance. The drills demonstrated include the get off drill, tag drill, the shoot drill, the defense on defense drill and the reach drill. These drills work on explosiveness to help players get off the line and get to the ball quicker. Good execution of these drills will include escapes such as the lock out, pulling the gate, open it, get underneath it, rip off and make the play. Chimienti also covers visual and pressure keys for each of the defensive linemen. The use of practice and game videotape strengthens this presentation on run progression. Each block and technique is carefully presented by Chimienti to help you gain valuable knowledge for teaching your defensive linemen.

53 minutes. 2006.

with Frank Chimienti,
C.W. Post College Defensive Coordinator

Your pass rush can change the momentum and the outcome of any game. In this football DVD, Frank Chimienti explores the C.W. Post pass rush progression. In this systematic approach, Chimienti provides a detailed plan for every move from pre-snap to the sack. He illustrates techniques and game situations with game film. Using practice footage, Chimienti breaks down crucial areas such as stance, footwork, soft sets and constant foot movements to instill the attack mentality. Chimienti demonstrates various moves including the bull rush, drive the bus, club on air, club on body, club rip, club punch and hook. He also includes three essential counter moves. These moves will give your defense a great assortment of tools to use in this attacking football defense. This enthusiastic presentation by Chimienti does an excellent job of breaking down the attacking pass rush that has been a key to C.W. Post's success.

55 minutes. 2006.

with Frank Chimienti,
C.W. Post Defensive Coordinator

Cover 8 is defined as an eight-man front with a 7, 3, 1 and 5 technique backed by four linebackers, two corners and a safety. The beauty of the Cover 8 is you have eight to nine men in the box, which covers all situations that may be presented. In this football DVD, F

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