Butterfly with Claire Donahue and Tyler McGill

Butterfly with Claire Donahue and Tyler McGill
Butterfly with Claire Donahue and Tyler McGill
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  • Learn from Claire Donahue, Tyler McGill and more!
  • Take your butterfly to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Claire Donahue;
Olympic and World Championships Gold Medalist
Tyler McGill;
2012 Olympian, Three-time World Championships' Gold Medalist, Two-time NCAA Champion

Winning butterflyers move through the water smoothly with perfect posture, and a surging power that is magical to watch. Swimming top caliber butterfly is accomplished by establishing a perfect bodyline, balance, length, power and timing.

Swim Like a Champion - Butterfly takes you 'inside the minds' of two of the world's most successful butterflyers: Claire Donahue and Tyler McGill. They are expert clinicians and are proficient at breaking down the components of their strokes in a way that any level of swimmer can understand.

Donahue and McGill dissect the butterfly stroke into components and demonstrate drills to improve whatever is needed for your individual stroke. They articulately teach what they think about in the water and how they make a "connection" between every part of their body to establish the perfect movements necessary for the best butterfly. You will also learn how to bring explosiveness and power to your starts, turns, breakouts and finishes.

Never before has a video been able to capture the intangibles of swimming flawless butterfly in a more explicit way. The use of many simultaneous cameras - including underwater and overhead - give an unrivaled, helpful perspective of what every movement and every stroke should look and feel like! Unscripted insight and candid observations from Donahue and McGill make the time spent with this video as valuable as any instruction you've ever had.

You will view this video again and again. You will begin to feel and internalize what you are doing in the water and will want to watch, compare and incorporate what you see into your own stroke.

Enjoy and "Swim Like a Champion!"

95 minutes. 2014.

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