Burning Up the Base Paths

Burning Up the Base Paths
Burning Up the Base Paths
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  • Discover aggressive baserunning techniques and strategies that force the defense into making mistakes
  • Use a variety of leads and looks at each base to disrupt the pitcher's timing and rhythm
  • Incorporate the 10-10-10 rule into your running game to maximize leads, strides and slides during steal attempts
  • Learn an explosive strength and conditioning routine to improve speed and quickness
with Dr. Dirk Baker, Worcester State University Head Coach;
Most Wins in WSU History (500+ wins);
2017 MASCAC Tournament Champions (4x regular season Champions/Co-champions + 4x Conference Champions);
6x NCAA Tournament Qualifier

Use baserunning to increase offensive production! Dirk Baker believes that base running is one of the most under taught and undervalued aspects of baseball. In this presentation you will learn how to score in a variety of ways and generate offense without having to rely on base hits or extra base hits. Coach Baker teaches baserunning in a way that any player at any age can use this to improve their game.

Disc 1:
Coach Baker talks about his personal philosophy of base running and how you can change the game with your legs and your mind set. Traditional philosophy is thrown out the window and Baker challenges the old philosophies and introduces new and different ways to think about base running. He covers taking the correct angles, steals, reads, situations, and other types of base running philosophies. His lecture focuses on:

  • How to develop a sound feel for the fundamentals of base running
  • Different drills from different bases and the keys in each drill that players should be focusing on
  • How to take extra base in situations that contradict baseball's 'unwritten rules'
  • Teaching the proper footwork and mentality from home, first base, second base, and from third base
  • An easy rule to maximize your players' lead, stride and slide during steals attempts
  • What to watch for on pitcher pick offs to increase your ability to steal bases and put yourself and your team in a good situation

Disc 2:
Coach Baker builds on his base running foundation laid in disc one. In Part 2, he continues to educate players and coaches on how to run the bases smart, aggressive, and HARD!! He takes you into a detailed agility and flexibility program to make sure that your players are in good shape to be as explosive on the base paths as possible. Baker presents tips and tactics on how to stay aggressive and know the situation at hand in order to make you even more lethal on the base paths. In this section, you will learn how to:

  • Use strength and conditioning workouts to build quickness and increases the ability to accelerate
  • Coach the mental side of base running, and what to look for in order for your players to make the most out of every opportunity on the bases
  • Teach proper footwork on primary and secondary leads
  • How baserunning can complement the bunting game
  • Incorporate different situations in practice to force other teams to make plays and try to stop you from advancing 90 feet

Baseball players of all ages - from T-ball through high school and college - need to be coached and reminded how to run the bases properly. This video covers it all. When the bats are not hot your base running can always be on. Attack the defense with greater success using your running game.

182 minutes (2 videos). 2014.

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