Building the Complete Running Back

Building the Complete Running Back
Building the Complete Running Back
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  • Blast through defenders, fall forward and protect the ball on every play
  • Focus on toughness, production, balance, quickness and strength to improve your backs
  • Create the "Complete Back" concept to increase the effectiveness of running, receiving, blocking and most importantly faking
  • Learn how to spot a potentially great running back to increase your recruiting effectiveness
  • Set goals and objectives for your RBs so they know your expectations and understand their role in the offense
  • Help your running backs understand who to key on and watch for on defense
with Danny Barrett, Houston Texans Running Backs Coach;
former Miami Dolphins Assistant Coach/Running Backs;
former University of Central Florida Running Backs Coach,
former CFL player and Head Coach Saskatchewan Roughriders were his teams advanced to the playoffs for five-consecutive seasons from 2002-06, reaching the West Division final three times

Offenses win football games on the ground. The glory may come from the passing games, but a good running back is a quarterback's best friend. A great running back will gain positive yards, pass protect the quarterback, block for his fellow running backs and carry out great fakes to assist his team.

In this instructional football DVD, Danny Barrett uses a lecture and game film to discuss his core philosophy for recognizing and creating a great running back. In a lecture format, Coach Barrett leads you through a power point presentation that describes a variety of drills that will allow you to develop key skills required to be successful in a wide range of offenses.

Included in the presentation is a pdf document you can download that describes the drills Coach Barrett describes

Coach Barrett outlines his "Complete Back" concepts through the use of 20 running back drills. These EDD (Every Day Drills) help create instinctual habits with their running backs such as:

  • How to coach and teach ball security and carry it over into all your drills.
  • Quick feet and acceleration out of cuts and through the running lane.
  • The ability to lower the shoulders, and be explosive and powerful to gain the extra yards on the field.
  • And more!

To be a complete running back, the backs must be able to pass block and be involved in the passing game. With the use of game film and diagrams you will learn drills and fundamentals to work on duel reads and chip blocks within your pass protection schemes.

In addition to all the drills, Barrett shares his characteristics and objectives in being a complete running back. Along with ways to improve your backs mental edge by learning how to help your running backs study film of your opponents.

Running back play is essential in any offense. Whether it's running the ball, being a pass receiver or helping in the pass protection game, using these drills helped the Coach Barrett develop complete backs in their multiple offense at Central Florida as well as at other coaching stops in his career.

50 minutes. 2012.

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