Building the 1-2-2 Three-Quarter Court Defense

Building the 1-2-2 Three-Quarter Court Defense
Building the 1-2-2 Three-Quarter Court Defense
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Product Description

  • Learn 10 benefits to installing and using the 1-2-2 three quarter press attack
  • Learn how to tweak and adjust your press in order to defend any situation that your opponent will use against you
  • Identify situations that traps may be more successful
  • See effective plays your opponents will use to try and beat the pressure defense, and develop solutions to counter those tactics
with Mitch Buonaguro,
former Siena College Head Coach

Master of the 1-2-2 three quarters court press. Mitch Buonaguro dissects every aspect you will need to feel comfortable teaching and installing an easy press that create havoc against any opponent.

Coach Buonaguro describes to you the responsibilities for each player and position on the court. He uses on-court demonstrators to thoroughly teach the trapping and pressure points within the 1-2-2 trapping press, and includes ways to build in a secondary trap and how to fall into a 2-3 zone. This gives you three different looks to use against your opponent in one possession. The scope of pressure with this press has more variety in that it can be attacking or it can be more containing in nature. It depends on player personnel on your team, the opposing team or it may depend on the situation or system within the game.

Coach Buonaguro outlines every possible situation your opponent could think of in order to break your 1-2-2 press. How do you use the press when your better than your opponent, times to trap, when to change the look, and when should the press change from a zone press to a player-to-player press. He also provides little twists so that your defense can disguise and confuse your opponents leading to easy scoring opportunities out of your defense. Coach discusses what potentially could hurt the press and what are some of the early mistakes a team will make when learning how to play this defense.

After purchasing this DVD, you will become a master of the 1-2-2 pressing game as coach describes ways you can surprise your opponent with this press to gain a mental and defensive advantage against any opponent whether they are quicker than you or they have weaker guards. If that wasn't enough, coach provides 10 benefits to running the 1-2-2 press attack. Your team will love to play at a pace where they control the tempo of the game.

As an added bonus, Coach Buonaguro will extend his coaching knowledge to you passing along advice on how to prepare for a successful season as you create connections with your players and tailor your program towards your coaching strengths. After studying several major sporting teams, coach shares four characteristics of a successful team that he put together studying some of the most successful sports teams during the 2012 season.

This is a must have DVD for any coach looking to build a full court press attack into their defensive system. This well taught extended zone pressure defense video by Coach Buonaguro is an easy to implement defense that will force turnovers and create easy offense for your team.

70 minutes. 2013.

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