Building Quarterback Mechanics in the Spread Offense

Building Quarterback Mechanics in the Spread Offense
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Learn game-valuable drills and techniques for developing quarterback mechanics!

  • Learn ladder drills designed to develop posture while moving in the pocket
  • Get a progressive training sequence to develop a high release
  • See reactionary drills to develop the quarterback's ability to improvise and throw accurately

with Drew Mehringer,
University of Texas Pass Game Coordinator & Wide Receivers Coach;
former Rutgers University Offensive Coordinator
was Wide Receivers Coach at Houston under head coach Tom Herman and also coached with Herman and Rutgers Head Coach Chris Ash at Ohio State and Iowa State University

Shotgun spread offenses have become the mainstream offensive attack in collegiate and high school football. The quarterback position, now more than ever, requires not only raw athletic ability, but also sound mechanics and techniques to allow the spread offense attack to be lethal to opposing defenses.

Using practice video from spring drills at Rutgers, Coach Mehringer shows the you the plan in action that he utilizes to develop quarterbacks into effective scoring machines. In this video, you'll see four unique elements of training that you can begin implementing right away from spring practice or even mid-season. You'll be provided with detailed outlines and practice and scrimmage footage that demonstrate the techniques in action.

Quarterback Drills

Currently, conventional quarterback warm-ups serve only the limited benefit of getting a player's arm "warm." With the warm-up drills offered by Coach Mehringer, you'll be able to improve a quarterback's skill in what would otherwise be "time-consuming" drills during individual periods. These drills look how to correct balance imperfections and movement inefficiencies while in the pocket. Get key coaching points that work on quarterbacks' skill set for proper bubble screen mechanics, RPO reads, and drop-back pass footwork.

Ladder drills warm the body temperature of the players and train them to keep their hip and eye level in balance. Arm isolation drills make the quarterback focus on the release and finish of each throw before progressing to drop back drills, such as the drift back and crossover, which are designed to allow the quarterback to throw for accuracy while focusing on the release.

Bag drills are shown and are designed to reinforce footwork while moving within the pocket. Coach Mehringer puts a rush on the quarterback, making him move while reading the free safety and throwing away from his movement.

Create "Game-Like Stimuli"

Get your quarterback used to thinking on his feet. In a spread offense, the player you can least afford to have waste practice is your quarterback. Coach Mehringer demonstrates how to create "reactionary drill work" for your QB. This means your drills will have game-like stimuli, such as proper key reads, which will force your player to think in a game-like mindset. These drills can be adjusted to add elements as you see fit, based on your particular opponent and/or game plan.

With this video, you'll learn the crucial elements to an effective practice session that will allow you to develop phenomenal spread offense quarterbacks!

42 minutes. 2017.

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