Building Proper Pitching Mechanics: An Eight-Step Process

Building Proper Pitching Mechanics: An Eight-Step Process
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Learn a progression that breaks down every element needed to become a successful pitcher!

  • Help pitchers focus on individual elements of their motion using a gradual pitching progression
  • Map out a drilling plan of attack for different training situations to keep your pitchers' arms fresh
  • Develop better spin on 4- and 2-seam fastballs to create more movement and strike out more batters

with Shohn Doty,
UNC Charlotte Assistant Coach/Pitching Coach;
25+ years of coaching experience; recruited and coached MLB All-Star pitcher Justin Verlander at Old Dominion University

If you're looking for a series of pitching drills that build on each other to gradually increase in difficulty, Shohn Doty has the pitching progression you need. Coach Doty, who recruited and coached MLB All-Star Justin Verlander in college, explains his eight-drill pitching progression that begins with basic drills before gradually progressing into more difficult exercises as the pitcher moves closer and closer to the full motion.

Pitching Progression

Begin by learning drills one through four in Coach Doty's pitching progression. These drills break down basic pitching mechanics so the pitcher can isolate certain parts of the pitching motion to focus on a particular movement. You'll learn all of Doty's coaching cues as he offers sage advice on what angles a coach should watch to see different aspects of the pitcher's technique.

Advanced Drills

Learn Coach Doty's advanced pitching drills to take your pitchers to the next level! Drills five through eight require more skill and attention to detail as they are done at a further distance and more closely mirror live pitching.

You will see how to work on the slide step to hold runners closer to bases, which will allow your catcher to throw out more baserunners and give your defense a better chance at turning a double play or getting the lead out.

This video provides eight drills that can be used independently, in combination with other pitching drills, or as a whole progression. Coach Doty teaches more than just pitching drills - he explains why coaching pitching is an art form!

71 minutes. 2018.

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