Building Attack Play from the Ground Up

Building Attack Play from the Ground Up
Building Attack Play from the Ground Up
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  • Teach players how to create offensive opportunities by receiving the ball under pressure with either hand and in any direction
  • Learn the "Duke One-Handed Cradle" to optimize ball protection using good footwork and vision to keep the defense off balance
  • Learn three off-ball cuts for getting players open, controlling the ball and creating space for the ball handler
  • Learn basic positional concepts for the attack man to use during face-offs and fast breaks to create better scoring opportunities in the box
with John Danowski, Duke University Head Coach;
3x NCAA champions, including back-to-back seasons (2013-14); 2x NCAA Men's Lacrosse Coach of the Year;
seven ACC regular season titles and four ACC tournament titles;
Team USA Head Coach; 2018 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Men's World Championship (Gold medal)

and Matt Danowski, Duke University Assistant Coach;
member of the Charlotte Hounds (MLL), 7x MLL All-Star and was named to the All-MLL team in 2010 and 2011; 4x All American at Duke, 2007 Consensus NCAA Player of the Year, NCAA 3rd All-Time leading scorer and 6th All-Time in Assists;
2007 Tewaarton Trophy winner (the lacrosse equivalent to football's Heisman Trophy - awarded to the most outstanding lacrosse player each year) ;
2x Lt. Raymond Enners Award (2007, 2008);
2x Jack Turnbull Award (nation's top Attackman) in 2005, 2007

Going beyond basic attack position techniques, Matt Danowski, the NCAA's 3rd all-time leading scorer, teaches the attack standards that he has developed into a proven attack philosophy. Using whiteboard explanations and on-field demonstrations, Coach Danowski explains how to play the attack position using the Duke standards of play. These include receiving the ball under pressure, protecting the ball, dodging with head up while looking to feed, getting open and creating space.

Coach Danowski gives standards for protecting your stick using footwork and correct hand and body positioning. Focusing on-ball and off-ball movements, the progression of drills presented here, including C-cuts, S-cuts and Fish Hook cuts, will strengthen your players' ability to control the ball. This simple, commonsense approach to playing the attack position provides an easy-to-follow strategy that will greatly improve all aspects of your offense.

Attacking the goal from behind the net is covered with several options to increase scoring opportunities. These drills will prepare you to successfully react to the actions of the defense. Discover how to play from behind and attack the goal. Know where to carry your stick and create separation. Learn how to read the defender to know when to use a Step Away Shot, Rocker Step, or Inside Roll. Using these methods, your attack will be better prepared to respond to the actions of the defense.

Coach Danowski discusses how to look inside, look through for the skip pass or look forward all while handling a double team or slide. He then takes the viewer through a series of cuts, explaining how to get open using them and which cut works best with specific dodgers and their position.

This comprehensive video also covers situational needs. Coach Danowski shows attackers where to line up on face-offs while the ball is in the defensive end and when approaching on the fast break. He then describes and demonstrates how attackers should move on loose ground balls off a face-off, how to follow the defense's slide to the fast break and how to receive the ball in a scoring area. Finally, he discusses how to play the ride and force the defense to throw over the top to delay the clear and increase the chance for mistakes.

This is a must-have video for any coach or athlete who wants to rise to Duke's successful level of play. Using the drills and methods shown here will provide a foundational balance for your attack men. Working from a standard game plan, your attack will soon develop into an effective, efficient offense.

59 minutes. 2014.

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