Building an Explosive Offense: RPO's and Play Action Game

Building an Explosive Offense: RPO's and Play Action Game
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Add another level to your offense with RPOs and play action looks!

  • Discover how tying RPOs into the spread running game can slow a defense down in defending against the run
  • Learn how and when to use unbalanced formations to gain a numbers advantage on the defense or to take advantage of how the defense adjusts
  • Get traditional play action passes that complement your offense by adding an aggressive big play component

with Russ Martin,
Colorado Mesa Head Coach;
Back-to-Back Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Co-Champions (2016-17);
2016 NCAA DII playoff qualifier; three straight 9-win seasons (2015-17)

In 2017, Coach Martin led Colorado Mesa to top 10 finishes in Division II in Scoring Offense (2nd - 46 ppg), 7th in Rushing Offense (257 ypg), and 8th in Total Offense (489 ypg).

Do you have the zone running game installed, but are still looking for more of an advantage? This video from Russ Martin has what you're looking for! Adding RPOs and play action to an already successful zone running game will drive opposing defensive coordinators crazy.

Coach Martin draws up his best RPOs and explains which routes work best, depending on the situation. On top of that, he breaks down game footage so you don't miss a beat. Martin covers who the quarterback needs to read and shows why his offense allows receivers or tight ends to find open spaces, making opportunities for home run plays.

Throughout the presentation, Martin uses game footage to explain the run game concepts that he uses in conjunction with his RPO package.

Coach Martin's RPO Philosophy

Coach Martin explains how he builds his RPOs as a natural component of his team's run game. You'll learn how Martin uses multiple formations, personnel groups, and adjustments to blocking schemes to serve as the base for his run game/RPO system.

Route Combinations for the RPO Package

Coach Martin explains and shows examples of a variety of route combinations that he uses with the RPO package. He also shows how he uses motion and unbalanced formations to gain a numbers advantage on the defense. You'll learn:

  • Coaching points to teach the seam, hitch, slant, stick, out, bubble, and spot routes within Martin's RPO package, including the quarterback's read progression and mechanics.
  • How to use motion with the bubble concept to create a triple option concept.
  • How you can adjust blocking schemes on the inside zone and stretch play to change the read key.

Traditional Play Action Passes to Complement Your Offense

Coach Martin knows that you might not want to use RPOs all the time, so he breaks down his play action passes that are designed to give opportunities for big plays. You'll see:

  • The read progression of the quarterback on each play.
  • How to teach the quarterback to throw to intermediate routes if the defense doesn't react to the run fake as expected.
  • Various route combinations and pass protection rules.

The RPO has been one of the biggest developments in offensive football over the past several years, and by implementing some of the concepts in this video with your team, you'll be able to gain an advantage over your opponents.

75 minutes. 2018.

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