Building an All-Around Volleyball Athlete with Brazilian Training Methods

Building an All-Around Volleyball Athlete with Brazilian Training Methods
Building an All-Around Volleyball Athlete with Brazilian Training Methods
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Product Description

  • Learn warm-up drills that emphasize Brazilian ball control techniques
  • See multiple contact drills that stress basic skills
  • Get a relentless focus on developing all skills (passing, setting and hitting) with all players
  • Learn how to speed up drills to maximize repetitions for players
  • Create drills that are fun and develop players quickly
with Cilene Drewnick,
Instinct Volleyball Club, Carrollton (TX);
former member of the Brazilian National Team; played in two Olympic Games (1988 & '92 Olympics)

The Brazilian men's and women's volleyball teams are regarded as some of the very best in the world. In addition, Brazil has produced some of the world's best all-around volleyball players. In this dynamic video from the 2011 AVCA Convention, one of Brazil's Olympians, Cilene Drewnick, allows coaches to examine the drills and skills that are used in the Brazilian strategy for developing volleyball players that excel in a variety of situations.

Coach Drewnick starts by demonstrating warm-up drills that emphasize ball control, while stressing all fundamental skills. The drills quickly move focusing on one skill to another, while making players highly skilled in all the fundamentals of volleyball.

Coaches will get to examine a variety of drills covering passing, setting and hitting that maximize repetitions in a fast paced and competitive environment. Drewnick will demonstrate how to train any player to control the ball in every situation. Her drill areas focus on how to instruct the wrist away spike shot, improve eye training for passing, improve ball control skills and train in a fast paced practice environment. Dewnick shares the "coaching points" in each drill to increase the improvement of players.

Finally, Dewnick shows the "five ball" defensive drill that helps players not only develop defensive skills, but become a more competitive player.

Using her experience with Brazilian training methods, Drewnick will show you how to apply these techniques to your athletes to gain an edge over the competition.

64 minutes. 2012.

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