Building a Quality Shooting Workout

Building a Quality Shooting Workout
Building a Quality Shooting Workout
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Product Description

  • Learn how to make quick, accurate one-hand passes
  • Discover six effective shooting drills for individual or team workouts
  • Learn how to develop the necessary footwork for a pull-up jump shot
  • Discover a 40-minute workout for shooting game shots at game speed
with Lyndsey Fennelly, Basketball Skill Trainer and coach;
2007 All American, second round selection by WNBA Indiana Fever, led Iowa State University in assists during 06-07 season, former course director Point Guard College (2007-2011)

Renowned skill trainer Lyndsey Fennelly gives you the keys to building a dynamic and challenging shooting workout from start to finish. She teaches players to work on three main points: it's not what you do but how you do things, focus on two or three skills per session and enter each workout with a plan.

Starting with a ball handling and passing workout, Coach Fennelly takes an average player and turn them into great players. During the warm-up session, players learn to work at three different levels: stationary; moving and being able to pass; and moving and passing with one hand. She teaches four different types of passes and various ball-handling moves. The session works on 10 main ball-handling skills like the pound dribble, alternating dribble, push pull and the in/out dribble. She adds various one-handed passes like the push, rugby or the behind-the-back pass. Combining these skills pumps up the intensity and game-like play of the drill.

Coach Fennelly's presentation continues with a demonstration of six different shooting drills. With each drill, she explains how to train the beginning level , intermediate and advanced player, which allows players to progress through each level as their skill improves. From warm-up shooting drills to full court drills that push players to be at their best, Fennelly puts players to the test and challenges them to train the way they want to play. Players learn to train with or without a partner in each drill.

This is a must-have video for any player looking to train at the top level of competition or any coach looking to take his players to the next level during the offseason. Coach Fennelly provides excellent drills that teach players to shoot game shots at game spots at game speed.

53 minutes. 2014.

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