Building a Powerful Offense: Philosophy and Run Scheme

Building a Powerful Offense: Philosophy and Run Scheme
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Learn a comprehensive spread offense run game and the philosophy behind it!

  • Get the base zone run play that Colorado Mesa uses to attack the defense, as well as how to best block for the play and use receivers to keep the defense off balance
  • Learn the inside run game with play action and RPOs that complement each play
  • See how to run a stretch play to attack the perimeter, including the adjustments of the blocking scheme to ensure success

with Russ Martin,
Colorado Mesa Head Coach;
Back-to-Back Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Co-Champions (2016-17);
2016 NCAA DII playoff qualifier; three straight 9-win seasons (2015-17)

In 2017, Coach Martin led Colorado Mesa to top 10 finishes in Division II in Scoring Offense (2nd - 46 ppg), 7th in Rushing Offense (257 ypg), and 8th in Total Offense (489 ypg).

Russ Martin has put his 39 years of coaching experience to work to build his team into a dominant zone running team. In this video, he gives you a detailed look at a comprehensive spread running attack and complementary passing concepts.

Throughout this video, Martin draws up his best zone runs for the inside, outside, and read looks. He brings in video footage to teach how to improve blocking schemes and who to read. Coach Martin diagrams the blocking scheme, how the running back needs to run, and who the quarterback is supposed to read to ensure a strong play.

Coach Martin's Offensive Philosophy

Martin explains his philosophy of offense and how to teach it to athletes. He explains why it's important that his offense be multiple in its appearance to the defense and in its ability to adapt to how the defense defends. However, his offense must also be simple enough for players to learn and be able to execute. In this section, you'll:

  • Hear Coach Martin explain how his offensive scheme allows his team to play fast and be physical.
  • Learn how to tie in multiple formations, personnel groups, motions, and tempos to keep the defense off balance.
  • Learn how Martin teaches the offense to his players, including his philosophy on getting players to truly understand what they are being asked to do.

Learn the Inside Run Game with Complementary Passing Concepts

Coach Martin diagrams and shows video examples of each play that makes up the inside run game in his offense. He adds diagrams of complementary play action passes and RPOs that take advantage of how the defense attempts to defend the run game. Martin gives a detailed explanation of why each play is used and how to make adjustments depending on what the defense does. You'll learn:

  • The inside zone, dart, power, power read, and midline schemes. Martin explains each scheme, including blocking assignments against various defenses and possible adjustments to each play
  • The draw and RPO schemes that Martin uses to control how the defense utilizes second- and third-level defenders in run support.
  • How Coach Martin uses play action and quick passing game concepts to control secondary players and take advantage of overaggressive players on the defense.

Attack Defenses on the Perimeter

Learn how Martin's teams attack the defense with perimeter runs, option concepts, and quick throws; he shares how he attacks the secondary based on the coverage, force principles, and motion adjustment mechanics of the defense.

  • See diagrams of the stretch pin and pull scheme and the speed option play against a variety of defensive fronts.
  • Learn how Martin uses the play action and quick passing game to control box linebackers.

Creating a philosophy and implementing it is so vital in building a strong program. This video is a must if you are considering adopting the zone running scheme!

84 minutes. 2018.

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