Building a Passing Game: Route Concepts and Protections

Building a Passing Game: Route Concepts and Protections
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Learn how to use different route concepts in the passing game to place pressure on the defense!

  • See how to coach receivers to read coverages and adjust their routes accordingly, including the "deep middle read" utilized in 3x1 sets
  • Discover how Coach Martin incorporates the "2 way" and "go" tags to create coverage issues for the defense
  • Learn the rules for basic 5- and 6-man pass protection that ensure solid protection for the quarterback

with Russ Martin,
Colorado Mesa Head Coach;
Back-to-Back Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Co-Champions (2016-17);
2016 NCAA DII playoff qualifier; three straight 9-win seasons (2015-17)

In 2017, Coach Martin led Colorado Mesa to top 10 finishes in Division II in Scoring Offense (2nd - 46 ppg), 7th in Rushing Offense (257 ypg), and 8th in Total Offense (489 ypg).

In this video, Russ Martin shows you how to stretch the defense, create open routes, and find ways to score. He covers important concepts that will open up the passing lanes for high percentage throws.

Hitch and Vertical Concepts

Coach Martin explains the hitch concept and vertical concepts that are featured in his offense. You'll see how he takes a simple hitch route and, using simple rules, turns it into a dynamic passing play. He explains how he uses vertical routes that provide an opportunity to score in every game.

Using whiteboard diagrams and game video examples, Martin explains the quarterback's read progression, footwork, and mechanics as well as the built-in adjustments the receivers make to their routes. Coach Martin diagrams both concepts from 2x2 and 3x1 formations.

Quick Passing Game Concepts

Martin diagrams several quick passing game concepts, sharing examples of several 2- and 3-man games that gives the quarterback several easy reads and throws. You'll learn:

  • Route combinations that Martin uses to the 3-man side, including the deep cross concept and the dig concept along with several tags and adjustments.
  • Several 2 man games that Martin uses to a running back and single receiver side. Included are: slant-flat, curl-flat, spot-wheel, seam-wheel, out-seam, and dig-angle.

Learn how Coach Martin determines which side of the field to attack based on the coverage and leverage of the defenders.

Pass Protection Rules

Martin explains his 5- and 6-man pass protection rules that he uses with his spread passing game. Using video examples, Coach Martin explains how the running back and quarterback are part of the protection scheme, and how the quarterback accounts for free rushers.

This video from Coach Martin will help you get your offense off the ground!

64 minutes. 2018.

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