Building a High-Pressure Zone Defense

Building a High-Pressure Zone Defense
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Add a pressure zone component to take control of the game and add energy with turnovers and take-aways!

  • Use multiple drills to build on zone concepts from individual to group to team situations, then implement them in a 6v6 and full field situation
  • Get defensive drills to learn how to play shorthanded and use defensive stick work and positioning techniques
  • Add pressure on the offense through aggressive play, quick sliding, and doubling the ball carrier

with Andrew Fink,
first-ever University of Saint Joseph Men's Lacrosse Coach (inaugural season - Spring 2020);
interim University of Saint Joseph Women's Lacrosse Coach (for Spring 2019);
former Mount Ida College Head Men's Coach, 8x Conference Champions;
4x NCAA Division III qualifier;
4x Coach of the Year NAC/GNAC;
Boston Storm General Manager (UWLX)

Most zone defenses are passive, allowing the offense to get in rhythm and dictate the game's tempo. A pressure zone prevents an offense from running its set plays and allows the defense to take control. The high pressure zone combines the best of man-to-man defense with the slower pace and predictability of a zone. It maintains the defensive structure and unlike a low pressure zone, is sustainable for four quarters.

Using a progression of defensive practice drills, Andrew Fink demonstrates four concepts for implementing zone defense, such as individual stick-work, group, competition, and team drills and situations. Coach Fink provides in-depth commentary, terminology, and PowerPoint outlines and illustrations to show how your whole team can operate as a unit to lock down scoring options created by the high-pressure zone defense.

A Sustainable Zone Defense

Most zone defenses are played to slow down the pace of the game or as a change-up to a man-to-man scheme and are not sustainable for four quarters of play. Coach Fink's schemes are designed to produce possession-changing turnovers to speed up the game and push the pace while providing the security to defend the high scoring areas. Fink walks through the fundamentals of the zone defense on the board and covers the scheme on the field. The videos also provides live 6v6 action with commentary on what to look for during live action.

Using drills to defend with the zone

Learn how to use different drills to teach defensive techniques for players involved in the zone defense. Coach Fink explains the teaching points he emphasizes for each of the four types of concepts.

  • Using skills to keep possession or take away possessions such as riding, transition, stick work, and subbing.
  • Working 3v2 and shooting drills that emphasize slow and fast breaks.
  • Working on defensive techniques such as covering perimeters, putting sticks in passing lanes, and backing up slides.
  • The "Zone" option allows your defense to protect the inside and force players into difficult, contested mid-range to outside shots.

High Pressure Practice Essentials

Systematically build a high pressure zone by integrating parts of it during practice. With his individual practice segments, Fink begins to reinforce the use of pressure in situations to the offensive players. A major emphasis for his zone defense is to put pressure on the offensive player's hands, having high-intensity and high lacrosse IQ, as well as being competitive.

Practice progresses into a full 6v6 segment where the entire team defense works on its zone principles. Coach Fink also has players learn how to guard additional offensive tactics, such as:

  • High recovery and pressure
  • Adjusting to situations with White and Brown
  • Never giving up middle of field and forcing outside shots
  • Covering ball screens after a defending a UCLA screen

Coach Fink gives you everything you need to know to implement and teach high pressure zone defense. You'll learn the technique, player mindset, defensive rotations and system of communication involved in four different defensive strategies that will render your opponents' ball screens useless.

84 minutes. 2017.

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