Building a Dominant Goalie

Building a Dominant Goalie
Building a Dominant Goalie
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with Jon Lantzy,
Durham Academy (NC) Head Coach; former Duke University Assistant Coach

This is an outstanding video designed to develop the skills required to be successful at one of the most important positions on the field: the goalie. Coach Lantzy begins the on-field demonstration by outlining the four fundamentals of being an effective goalie: Having a proper stance, understanding arch play, using correct turns, and making the save. Having an outstanding goalie is essential to keeping the ball on the offensive side of the field. Lantzy reveals the secrets to being a complete goalie, including stopping the ball, stick work and ground ball play and communicating with your team to better handle unsettled situations. This video can steer you in the right direction to put all the elements together to build better techniques as a goalie. These techniques also involve the five different areas of release that a goalie needs to understand and utilize during various game situations and from several different angles. Lantzy emphasizes the importance of giving the goalie enough time to make sure they are properly warmed up for practice. This video will help your goalie realize the importance of their position and the leadership role this position entails. With the addition of this video to your collection, you can strengthen the base of your team as a whole by improving the skills of this critical position.

45 minutes. 2006.

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