Building a Culture of Offensive Aggressiveness

Building a Culture of Offensive Aggressiveness
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Product Description

Learn how to encourage aggressive offensive play to generate more scoring opportunities!

  • Get strategies to encourage all of your players to have a competitive 'hunger' on the offensive side of the court
  • See a variety of footwork drills that get athletes' feet to the ball in order to play fast and aggressive
  • Help hitters adjust to the setter through recognizing where the first pass takes the setter

with Dan Fisher,
University of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
2017 & 2018 ACC Coach of the Year; 2017 & 2018 ACC Champions;
AVCA East Coast Region - Coach of the Year - 2017, 2018;
Head Coach for the US Women's National Team/Pan Am Games- in 2015 (Gold Medal) & 2016 (Bronze);
former Concordia -Irvine University Head Coach,
2012 NAIA National Championship (perfect 38-0 record), National Runner-Up finish in 2011; NAIA/AVCA National Coach of the Year (2011)

This in-depth video from 2017 ACC Coach of the Year Dan Fisher is a two-part video providing both the philosophy behind aggressive offensive play and the methodology of instilling this mindset in your program and players.

In the first segment, Fisher provides statistical and video analysis to compare aggressive and non-aggressive play. He examines mindfulness training and the process of overcoming the fear of failure to reach a growth mentality.

The second segment of the video moves into the gym, where Fisher demonstrates drills to train hitters on adjusting their approach, leading to an expanded range of attack. He examines the idea of corresponding approaches based on passes and sets to take an aggressive swing on a higher percentage of balls. The drills progress to 6-on-6 play, rewarding players for hard-hitting attacks.

Chalk Talk

Coach Fisher shares his philosophical background using many slides and stats during the first hour of the video. He provides a different method of keeping track of errors and free balls, while showing how he twists the coaching terms to help improve his team huddles during timeouts and after games.

During the chalk talk session of Fisher's presentation, you'll see slides, sample videos, and stats that detail:

  • What makes Pitt volleyball different from other programs
  • How Fisher defines offensive aggressiveness
  • How Coach Fisher developed his style
  • The science behind winning and losing
  • The problems behind only focusing on the positives

On The Court

Coach Fisher demonstrates multiple drills that encourage quick footwork to the ball and exercises that take away the fear of failure when playing aggressively. You'll get:

  • An in-depth look at the four step approach with a focus of getting under the ball
  • Step close drills to train your players to go in any direction with their approach
  • Butterfly drills that touch on a wide range of swings

By drilling your players to focus on getting their feet to the ball, they will develop a wider range in their offensive play. Throughout this video, Fisher reiterates that when players have a wider range, they will be comfortable swinging at any ball in any situation.

Also included are five drills specifically designed to help hitters become more aggressive:

  • High Hands
  • Line Shots
  • Shove
  • Swing for the Daylight
  • Tap and Cover

Coach Fisher does an excellent job explaining all of his drills and their benefits. He also breaks down the correlation between a player's mindset and their aggressiveness on the court. This video encompasses all aspects of implementing an aggressive offensive system in your program!

100 minutes. 2018.

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