Building a Culture of Mental Toughness: The Pyramid Model

Building a Culture of Mental Toughness: The Pyramid Model
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Implement a rock-solid foundation of mental toughness in your athletes using the innovative McGuire-Selking-Ivey Pyramid Model!

  • Learn how to inspire the most powerful, impacting, lasting and enduring motivation in your athletes to prepare them to deliver their very best performance
  • Distraction is the enemy of performance. Teach your athletes the skill of focus, control and eliminate distractions, and deliver optimal performance
  • Create a culture of accountability that will empower your athletes to deliver their very best performance when it is needed the most

Rick McGuire, Ph.D.
University of Missouri (35 years, retired);
Head Men's and Women's Track & Field Coach
Graduate Professor and Director of Sport Psychology
Founder and Director of the Missouri Institute for Positive Coaching

Amber Selking, Ph.D.
Mental Performance Coach, University of Notre Dame Football
Adjunct Professor, Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame
Founder, Selking Performance Group
Director of People Performance for Lippert Companies, Inc.
Founded Notre Dame Christian Athletes (NDCA)

Patrick Ivey, Ph.D.
Assistant Athletic Director for Athletics Performance, Arkansas State;
Certifications: NSCA, CSCS, SCCC;
former Associate Director of Athletics Performance, University of Missouri
2013 Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year;
former NFL Player (Lions, Chargers, Broncos, Packers)

When your athletes are placed into the most pressure-filled environments, do you know how they will respond? Will they break under the adversity? Or, will they rise up to the challenge?

In this video, you will learn how to prepare and empower your athletes to be ready to perform their very best in even the most difficult situations.

Dr. Rick McGuire and his colleagues, Dr. Pat Ivey and Dr. Amber Selking, have developed a new model for identifying the essential capacities, capabilities, understandings and skills which coaches must consider when constructing a culture of mental toughness. With this blueprint, you will have the foundation and the guidelines for preparing your athletes to shine and perform in any situation, and especially when it is hard.

This Pyramid Model consists of the five fundamental elements, the building blocks of mental toughness and great performance.

  • Motivation - Powerful, Impacting, Lasting and Enduring
  • Thorough Preparation - Physical, Technical, Tactical and Mental
  • Focus - The "C's of SuCCCCCCCess": Confidence, Concentration, Composure, Courage, Commitment, Control and Choice
  • Emotional Stability - Emotional Strength, Emotional Resilience, Emotional Responsiveness, and Emotional Flexibility
  • Accountability - The personal choice to do what you are supposed to do ... when you are supposed to do it ... and how you are supposed to do it

Build a culture of accountability within your team that is directed by the personal autonomy and integrity of your athletes, more powerful than any established list of rules and consequences.

As the coach, you are responsible for more than just sport-specific training! Inform yourself on the full scope of thoroughly preparing your athletes, so they have all of the tools they need to perform and excel.

The confidence of your athletes is greatly strengthened when they know they are ready to handle any situation. Become an expert in developing all elements identified in The Pyramid.

This video will help you deliver the tools your athletes need to thrive in even the most adverse situations. Strengthening your athletes' mental toughness will prepare them not only for success in sport, but for success in inevitable array of life's challenges that follow!

Start building your culture of Mental Toughness today!

81 minutes. 2018.

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