Building a Complete Outside Zone Package

Building a Complete Outside Zone Package
Building a Complete Outside Zone Package
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  • Learn how to use leverage, match ups and numbers at the point of attack to gain an advantage against any defense
  • Discover the simplicity of the outside zone blocking scheme and how it enables your team to block any defense
  • Learn multiple front side and back side quarterback reads for attacking the defense at their weak points
  • Learn how to put defenders in conflict to set up explosive play action plays
with Chris Ross, Prosper (TX) High School Head Coach,
former head coach at Cedar Park (TX) High School where he won 70 percent of games; 3x Central Texas Coaches Association Coach of the Year

The option game has made a clear and powerful return to every level of football, and coaches are adapting and developing new techniques to spice it up. Coach Chris Ross takes you through past and present ways of using the option run game. Coach Ross specifically focuses on the use of outside and inside zone running game. He believes the success of the outside zone lies on the fact that few high school teams run it, favoring, instead the inside zone as their base play.

Coach Ross covers the outside zone from A to Z. Using diagrams, he breaks down each play against an even and odd front. He then takes you through high-level drills that maximize practice time. He begins by breaking down formations that exploit defenses while using the outside and inside zone run game. Using multiple formations, motions, and shifts, the same play is run from a variety of different looks that stresses the defense to the breaking point. Coach Ross puts his ball carrier wider than most coaches and his outside zone concept turns into a sweep that stretches the defensive quickly allowing cutback lanes for huge gains.

Using a simple and consistent blocking scheme with Ace, Deuce and Trey calls, the offensive line is able to block any defensive scheme it faces. The front side back in the outside zone also has a simple rule that prevents mental errors and negative plays. If the defense adjusts and plays a wide 9 technique, Coach Ross answers with his stack call. On a stack, the tight end and tackle block out and the front side back leads on the stack linebacker turning the play into a fullback isolation. This lets you attack the defense up the middle for huge gains.

Coach Ross continues his presentation with game film that shows these plays in action against various defenses. He also shares important coaching points to help train your athletes to run this offensive scheme. Finally, Coach Ross offers drills to make your practices more effective and develop your offense into a high-powered unit.

Coaches will appreciate the simple answers this scheme has for both the front side and back side reads for the quarterback. Coach Ross also covers his play action passing game showing you the crack, wheel and naked schemes that complete the lethal outside zone package.

If you're looking for ways to add the inside and outside zone into your offense, then Coach Ross' presentation is for you. Coach Ross explores various formations and plays that utilize the inside and outside zone run game in order to exploit any defenses weak points.

145 minutes. 2015.

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