Building a Championship Infield

Building a Championship Infield
Building a Championship Infield
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  • Put your infielders in position to make plays!
  • Learn a series of "8-minute drills" that isolate and improve fielding fundamentals - in just 8 minutes per practice
  • Learn the techniques to turn a double play, for long and short relays, throwing on the run, quick throws and more
  • Features Ricci Woodard whose Texas State team ranked #4 in the nation in fielding percentage during the 2011-12 season.
with Ricci Woodard, Texas State Head Coach;
4x Southland Conference Coach of the Year; 10x SLC Champions;
five NCAA Regional Championship appearances; over 350 career wins

Texas State ranked #4 in the nation in fielding percentage during the 2011-12 season. Now, Ricci Woodard reveals the approach to infield fundamentals that has made the Bobcats a perennial powerhouse in the Southland Conference.

Infield practice begins after some basic throwing as the players work on throwing on the run to emphasize body and ball control, to be able to throw in different ways for efficiency and quickness.

You will see a basic ground ball progression. Every drill is designed to make infield play as easy as possible. The players start by focusing on getting their hands into a good fielding position and gradually add in the correct footwork. Coach Woodard also demonstrates different ready-position approaches for your corner or middle infielder to better field different types of ground balls. You will see top hand/bottom hand drills, backhand drill, and a series of time-saving drills including: short-hop, long-hop, reaction, and four-corner quick catch.

Double plays are explained including the footwork and throws for each position on the field. Coach Woodard's players demonstrate the double play fundamentals, as she emphasizes quickness, with a focus on the first out. Woodard also talks about the footwork her infielders use for throwing after they field a ball.

Woodard covers long and short throwing relays, explaining the situations for using both and the differences for each so your outfielders don't "waste any steps" when trying to throw out a runner.

Texas State is known for its defense. By implementing Coach Woodard's proven approach and her collection of highly effective drills, you will quickly improve your team's ability to field and throw the ball.

46 minutes. 2013.

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