Building a Better Shooter

Building a Better Shooter
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Train better shooters with top-notch skills and drills from WNBA veteran Danielle Viglione!

  • Improve individual and team field goal percentage with drills that work on the fundamentals of shooting
  • Learn how to train your players to shoot from the feet to the follow-through for better mid-range and 3-point shooting
  • Discover how to become a more accurate shooter when shooting on the move

with Danielle Viglione,
Sacramento Skills Academy;
10 years in the WNBA (Sacramento Monarchs) and overseas;
played for the University of Texas; holds the Texas all-time record for 3-pointers made in a career; her career scoring average ranks fifth all-time in school history

In today's game, shooting the basketball is one of the most important skills a player can develop. Using a progression of shooting drills, Danielle Viglione teaches the nuances to becoming a knock-down shooter.

Coach Viglione provides over 20 shooting drills that she has used from her experience around the globe with basketball, and teaches her personal favorites, including 'drift shooting' and shooting off the curl. You'll get exercises that work on:

  • One Hand Shooting - Develop the fundamentals of a good shooting form and mechanics with these drills. These drills are meant to develop proper shooting form and help build the shooter from the ground up. Being on balance, proper elbow alignment, and footwork are all the basic building blocks that need to be routinely drilled and mastered.
  • Catch and Shoot - Learn to develop rhythm in your shooters with various catching angles, footwork, and balance techniques. Viglione covers strategies to improve all aspects of shooting, focusing on improving range and accuracy. She progressively adds defense to take the drills from form to mastery at game speed.
  • Shooting on the Move - Learn how to get open by setting up your opponent to create space to get your shot off. You'll see how to cut off screens and read the defense to get an open shot in rhythm.
Proper footwork and shot mechanics can be mastered using these drills that will help your players shoot better when creating their own shot, or coming off screens.

From fundamentals, to catch and shoot, to shooting on the move or off cuts, Coach Viglione's insightful break down of mastering the art of shooting is a great addition to your arsenal of shooting resources!

81 minutes. 2017

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