Bryan Miller: Speed and Agility Training for Football

Bryan Miller: Speed and Agility Training for Football
Bryan Miller: Speed and Agility Training for Football
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Product Description

  • Discover a philosophy for analyzing, applying and adapting a training program to individual athletes
  • Learn drills to build an explosive first step out of any stance
  • Get essential lifts that correlate directly to speed and agility development
  • Get access to a proven, successful yearly training cycle
with Bryan Miller,
Oregon State University Football Strength and Conditioning Coach;
(CSCS), a sports conditioning specialist and a Level I Club Coach (U.S. Weightlifting)

There's truth to the mantra that successful football teams are built in the off-season. Developing bigger, faster and strong players is the key to success year after year.

In this clinic talk, Bryan Miller shares steps to take in the off-season to increase your players' speed and agility. Coach Miller shares strategies that can be easily implemented into your speed and agility workout, including:

  • how to analyze, apply and adapt every workout for every player
  • how to develop speed and agility with a year-round training cycle
  • strength exercises, Olympic lifts and plyometrics for increasing speed
  • proper sequencing of drills within speed and agility workouts

Using video footage, Coach Miller breaks down his warm-up activity showing the mechanics and importance of each movement.

In the speed development segment, Coach Miller teaches drills that can develop a quick first step. He discusses technique and vital movements needed to elevate your athletes' speed. Coach Miller's speed development is based on squatting, bounding, heel-to-butt running, sprinting and getting lean. He shares 12 lifts and six plyometric drills for creating speed, constantly stressing quality of movement over quantity. His yearly training cycle shows how to condition athletes from season to season, taking the guesswork out of developing a quality training program.

Here's your chance to create a faster, more agile team. This easy-to-follow development program will help any coach push their athletes to the next level of play.

Produced at the 2013 Portland Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

57 minutes. 2014.

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