Bret Bielema: Indicators of Success

Bret Bielema: Indicators of Success
Bret Bielema: Indicators of Success
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Product Description

  • Discover indicators that will contribute to your program's success
  • Learn the importance of program planning and year-round development
  • Get Coach Bielema's 10 commandments of coaching
with Bret Bielema, University of Arkansas Head Coach;
former University of Wisconsin Head Coach; 3x Big Ten Champions; 2006 Big Ten Coach of the Year

Bret Bielema, who has enjoyed great success at each stage of his career, discusses the indicators of success, and several concepts that will make you a better football coach. Use these indicators to strengthen the foundation of your program, and soon you'll enjoy the level of success that has marked Coach Bielema's career.

Using a PowerPoint presentation to explain his philosophy, Coach Bielema shares several real-life examples that illustrate his primary points. The areas he covers include:

  • The importance of emphasizing a "family" atmosphere. People matters most in his program. The "care factor" motivates players to perform at their best.
  • Advice on how to build a strong coaching staff.
  • Team-building activities to help develop team chemistry.
  • Self-evaluation for coaches.
  • Coach Bielema's 10 commandments of coaching—rules that will help any coach become more effective.

Coach Bielema's presentation continues with his philosophy for on-field success. He analyzes key downs and situations, touching on four critical areas: first down success, success on third down, red zone success, and the turnover game. Players learn the importance of each area and how working together as a team increases their chances of on-field success.

Before you can be successful, you must identify indicators to success. If you're a coach who wants to take a team to the next level of play, you need this presentation in your library. Create a program philosophy that focuses on team building and motivates athletes to be the best not only for themselves but for their teammates and coaches as well.

Produced at the 2014 Las Vegas Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

68 minutes. 2014.

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