Brent Brennan: Wide Receiver Fundamentals: Releases and Route Running

Brent Brennan: Wide Receiver Fundamentals: Releases and Route Running
Brent Brennan: Wide Receiver Fundamentals: Releases and Route Running
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  • Learn a variety of release techniques to develop receivers who can destroy press coverage
  • Discover separation techniques that will overwhelm the secondary defenders and create open throwing windows for the quarterback
  • Discover counter moves to keep even the best defensive backs wondering what's coming next
with Brent Brennan,
San Jose State University Head Coach;
former Oregon State University Wide Receivers Coach;
finalist for the FootballScoop Wide Receiver Coach of the Year; Oregon State finished second in the Pac-12 in pass offense per game in 2012

The spread offense is exploding across the nation and understanding wide receiver play has never been more important. Oregon State University's Brent Brennan offers techniques for all skill levels to help receivers create the space necessary to be successful against the press defense.

Coach Brennan starts with a simple "jab step" release and builds six releases off of it. The double fake incorporates an in-out-in progression or an out-in-out release. The "speed and fire slant" releases use quickness while the "beast" release is a physical counter to very tight press coverage defenders. A receiver who can't get off the line of scrimmage is an ineffective receiver and often allows coverage sacks on his quarterback. Coach Brennan shows you how to avoid that trap.

Nine different separation techniques that give receivers countless ways to destroy man coverage are demonstrated. Once the receiver has developed a foundation with the "jab step" and "double fake," he can advance to more advanced techniques like the "change of pace" and the "nod step" or "staircase." Coach Brennan also presents the "speed turn shoulder roll" techniques when route running and more!

Using video footage, Coach Brennan discusses key points of each technique so that coaches know what each one looks like. He also shows examples of how it is not supposed to look, which is helpful because it provides information on mistakes that are commonly made while learning the technique.

This video is a great choice for any coach or player who wants to improve wide receiver skills and knowledge of the game.

Produced at the 2013 Portland (OR) clinic.

52 minutes. 2013.

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