Breakdown Drills for Swing Offense

Breakdown Drills for Swing Offense
Breakdown Drills for Swing Offense
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  • Get six breakdown drills and concepts that will get your team easy baskets and more trips to the free throw line
  • Learn how to breakdown the up screen, flex screen, and wing ball screen into effective workout sessions
  • Learn drills for training guards to use ball screens and training post players to score down low
with Ryan Looney, Idaho State Head Men's Basketball Coach;
former Seattle Pacific University Head Coach;
2013 Great Northwest Athletic Conference Tournament Champions;
Ended the 2013 season ranked Number 2 in the country

The real key to any successful offense is the skill level of the players running it. Coach Ryan Looney believes players have to have a skill set that still allows them to succeed should the system fail. In this basketball drills video he not only shares the breakdown drills to develop the skills all players need to have, but he also does this within the concepts of the Swing Offense.

You will get six basic breakdown drills that teach your players the game shots they will get within the swing offense along with a perimeter and post player skill development workout. These are challenging workouts and drills that focus on the up screen, flex screen, and side pick and roll screen. Coach Looney uses a variety of equipment to help his players play through contact and create and one and one's to control the free throw game.

One of the first skills his team works on is screening. They work on four options they get from the Up Screen and the four they get from the Flex Screen. He will teach you how to set your screens in correct spots, make cuts of least resistance to create a better scoring opportunity, and have excellent vision to the post where most of your offense will come from. Swing, Bump, and Separation shots are shooting drills where they work on shooting coming off screens. The focus is having their hands up and their feet balanced before they receive the ball to shoot.

Post skills work on stance and positioning. Teaching post players to get low and how to use their arms to take up more space. Various basic post moves are covered. Perimeter development covers different ways a defender may guard the ball handler on a screening action and how each action can be defeated by the ball handler.

Skill development is essential to any team's success. As you learn how to install and master the swing offense you will learn how to put your players in successful situations and still focus on individual development within the breakdown drills.

61 minutes. 2013.

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