Brad Lawing: Developing a Defensive Line Pass Rush Plan

Brad Lawing: Developing a Defensive Line Pass Rush Plan
Brad Lawing: Developing a Defensive Line Pass Rush Plan
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  • Learn how to pressure your opponent's quarterback while defeating the run game
  • Get techniques to create lanes and obstruct quarterback's vision
  • Learn how to identify your opponent's block protection and design pressure to beat their scheme
  • Learn how to apply 4- and 5-man pressures without blitzing
with Brad Lawing, University of Florida Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Line;
former University of South Carolina Assistant Coach/Defensive Line, Coached Jadeveon Clowney at South Carolina

In this informative, easy-to-understand presentation, Brad Lawing shares concepts and practical solutions to strengthen any defensive rush. Beginning with breaking down protection, he gives you the tools and formulas you need to teach your players how to be successful in the pass rush. His five-category system for exposing the opponent's protection I.D. is brilliant in its simplicity and breathtaking in its potential.

Coach Lawing introduces five perimeter rush concepts and four inside rush techniques that, in combination, create the foundation for his potent four-man defensive attack. His interior rush concepts include pop out, which may have started the unfounded rumor of the zone blitz.

He teaches a three-digit system with tags like "Max," "Slide," "Sprint," "Dash," and "Boot" that clarify not only what you're watching but what you should be watching, as well. Using this system gives your defensive line a definitive game-day advantage . Knowing which way a center turns on the pass gives your defensive line an opening, which Coach Lawing teaches you how to exploit.

Coach Lawing covers twist concepts for your lineman that includes technical improvements on such fundamentals as the rip. In a time when every team needs to get pressure on a QB while rushing only four players, Coach Lawing provides an arsenal of techniques and concepts that have proven successful from the collegiate level to the NFL.

The use of game footage and diagrams makes this an entertaining, easy-to-understand gem of a presentation that can be used with all ages and at coaching levels.

From individual player techniques to specific down and distance concepts, Coach Lawing covers it all in this absolute must-have defense presentation. This presentation will be more than just the cornerstone of your football library, it will become your Rosetta Stone as you refer back to it for years to come.

Produced at the 2014 Orlando Nike Coach of the Year clinic.

120 minutes. 2014.

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