Bottom Position: Skills to Dominate

Bottom Position: Skills to Dominate
Bottom Position: Skills to Dominate
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  • Develop counters to the most common top techniques
  • Learn to "beat the tight waist" using a knee slide and a change over
  • Learn the Elevator Series to counter opponent's that ride with their arms
  • See a proven method for clearing a trapped ankle
with Mark Manning, University of Nebraska Head Coach;
2x USA Wrestling Terry McCann Freestyle Coach of the Year (2015, 2017);
2009 Big 12 Conference Champions; 2x Big 12 Coach of the Year; 2012 U.S. Freestyle Olympic Volunteer Coach; 2011 FILA Freestyle Coach of the Year; 2009 U.S. Freestyle World Team Coach; 2009 Dan Gable Coach of the Year;
Coach of Jordan Burroughs (Olympic Champion, 3x World Champion and 2x NCAA Division I National Champion); and James Green (2015 World Bronze Medalist and 4x All American)

Gain the confidence you need to get out of difficult positions on the mat.

Mark Manning revives what he calls the "lost art" of the bottom position. In this DVD, Coach Manning teaches simple, yet effective, techniques that will help you to get more escapes, more reversals and more wins.

You will learn what Coach Manning calls the three most important strategies from the bottom position: motion, distance and hand control. He explains and demonstrates a variety of techniques to help create hip separation; including knee slides, hip heists, changeovers and knee pivots. You will learn various ways to create and sustain motion and how to chain wrestle from the bottom position. In addition, Manning shows you the nuances of effective hand control.

Counter pressure from the top and escape various difficult situations such as the over-leg hook, the ankle ride, the claw ride and leg rides. You will also learn how to counter the tight waist and the chop. While all wrestlers try to avoid these situations on bottom, they are inevitable. Having the knowledge and ability to counter these situations will prove invaluable.

Besides situational counters, you will learn a variety of drills that will help you to make the transition from the practice room to a live match. His drills are very basic and can also be used to condition while developing core skills to get off bottom.

Whether you are a wrestler or a coach, you will find this DVD both helpful and insightful. Coach Manning has a very comfortable teaching style that emphasizes the important details that will help any wrestler to become a great bottom wrestler. Manning's philosophy about bottom wrestling will help any wrestler look forward to being in the bottom position and the many scoring opportunities available to them.

66 minutes. 2013.

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