Billy Gillispie: 'In Your Face' Pressure Defense Drills

Billy Gillispie: 'In Your Face' Pressure Defense Drills
Billy Gillispie: 'In Your Face' Pressure Defense Drills
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with Billy Gillispie, Ranger College Head Cach and Athletic Director;
former Head Coach at Texas Tech, Texas A&M and the University of Kentucky

Coach Gillispie's philosophy is based on toughness, defensive transition and "in your face" man defense. Gillispie uses the half court shell drill to set the mentality for his defense. The 12-point focus of this drill is man pressure, help side defense, pass denial position, talking, front the cutter, jump to the ball, vision of the ball, defending screens, rotation, post dive, midline rule and the idea of "two guys guarding the ball." Detailed technique for handling back, fade and down screens are part of this drill. Gillispie uses the full court shell drill to teach his transition defense. This drill begins at one end with a 4-on-4 alignment on one end. Once in the half court, the half court shell drill takes over. The diamond drill is designed to guard baseline penetration and rotate properly as a team. The 5-on-4 is a disadvantage defensive drill that stresses the defense. Keys are communication, help, rotation and close outs. The next drill is 3-on-3 transition drill, which begins 3-on-3 on one end and becomes 5-on-4 on the other. In addition, Gillispie shares two favorite special plays for winning close games.

72 minutes. 2007.

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