Bill Zadick: Underhook Series

Bill Zadick: Underhook Series
Bill Zadick: Underhook Series
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Learn the offensive and defensive tactics of underhooks that can be utilized in folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco-Roman!

  • Learn 5 highly effective ways to turn a defensive situation into an offensive one
  • Understand the key fundamentals and body position needed to score
  • Learn the current trends in wrestling that are helping wrestlers win more matches

with Bill Zadick,
US National Freestyle Head Coach;
2018 UWW World Cup Champions (Freestyle);
2017 World Team Champions (Men's Freestyle);
2006 Freestyle World Champion, 1996 NCAA Division I National Champion (University of Iowa)

Bill Zadick understands that it takes an offensive minded individual to be successful in wrestling. This mindset allows a wrestler to turn a defensive position into an offensive position and score off of their opponent's underhook with high percentage techniques.

The key to scoring from an opponent's underhook is to create an offensive situation. Zadick demonstrates five fundamental techniques to clear an opponent's underhook and open the door for offensive attacks, such as a sweep single, fireman's carry, and inside trip. He provides insight on current trends from the underhook and gives an inside peek at the techniques that the national team is currently working on from this position.

Capturing an Underhook

Being able to hand fight your way into the ties is the real art of wrestling, and is often the difference between elite and non-elite wrestlers. Zadick covers many of the international methods currently used to gain an underhook.

Clearing the Underhooks

With the amount the underhook is used in competition, being able to clear out of it in order to create an offensive attack is an essential skill. Zadick demonstrates five simple and effective fundamental ways to clear an underhook.

  • Re-pummeling to an underhook
  • Across the face to an underhook
  • Breaking the elbow to a 2-on-1
  • Thumb block to inside control
  • Arm block to inside control

Being aware of the new innovations happening in wrestling is critical to constant development in the sport. Zadick does an excellent job of demonstrating some of the new innovations in wrestling to clear the underhook, including the snap to clear and Sadulaev cartwheel.

Going from Defense to Offense

Zadick demonstrates a variety of offensive finishes to transition to after clearing the underhook:

  • Nearside single
  • High crotch
  • Sweep single
  • Outside fireman's carry
  • Nearside fireman's carry
  • Inside trip
  • Headlock
  • Whizzer kick

Zadick also shares insights of how to turn a bad situation into a positive situation that will lead to a variety of scoring opportunities. You will learn simple, high percentage techniques from the underhook that are winning big matches in all levels of wrestling.

Produced at the 2016 USA Wrestling Silver Coaches Clinic in Iowa City (IA).

81 minutes. 2016.

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