Bill O'Brien: Quarterback Technique and Empty Passing Game

Bill O'Brien: Quarterback Technique and Empty Passing Game
Bill O'Brien: Quarterback Technique and Empty Passing Game
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Product Description

  • Develop and identify throwing mechanics that will lead to better accuracy
  • Develop Empty passing protections against different fronts and blitzes
  • Learn how to coach the quarterback and what qualities to look for in your quarterback
  • Gain an understanding of how to deal with adversity as a coach
with Bill O'Brien, Houston Texans (NFL) Head Coach;
former Penn State University Head Coach;
2013 Big Ten Coach of the Year; 2013 Paul "Bear" Bryan College Coach of the Year; former New England Patriots Quarterbacks Coach/Offensive Coordinator

Coach Bill O'Brien brings his expertise on offense and on coaching quarterbacks to this lecture as he talks through coaching quarterbacks and implanting the Empty formation into your passing game. His detailed and proven teaching methods have brought him success as a coach in both the NFL and the NCAA.

Coach O'Brien presents quarterback play from the vantage point of having coached one of the best in Tom Brady. He gets into the details of the throwing motion and preaches the importance of the rhythm of the drop as it relates to the play. It is not just storytelling of what it was like to coach him, he uses video of Tom Brady throwing to break down the teaching and correct throwing mechanics.

Coach O' Brien then goes into the empty pass protection that he utilizes at Penn State, and he gives detailed coaching points into each protection. He stresses the importance of having different answers for the empty formation and how to keep from having to throw hot routes. He draws up several base Empty protections and packages, checks against different fronts and pressures.These protections are demonstrated on film from his time with the Patriots and with Penn State.He goes through a process of how they built the play with one word association.

Coach O'Brien provides the audience a wealth of knowledge on coaching the quarterback position and in the Empty passing game. His detailed teaching will help any coach who is hoping to improve his quarterback's physical tools as well as add to his weapons in the passing game.

Produced at the 2013 Orlando (FL) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic

64 minutes. 2013.

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