Bill Evans: Half Court Match-Up Zone Defense

Bill Evans: Half Court Match-Up Zone Defense
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Give opposing teams nightmares with a stifling match-up zone defense!

  • Teach your players to have constant coverage that locks down the paint
  • Trap multiple spots on the floor to increase the intensity of the match-up zone defense
  • Adjust your zone defense with strategic tweaks that will keep you unpredictable and slow down your opponent

with Bill Evans,
former Idaho State University Head Coach;
2016 Big Sky Coach of the Year; winningest head coach in Southern Utah history (1992 - 2007); led conference in scoring defense every season as an assistant coach at Montana (2007-2012)

"Is it a 1-1-3?"
"Is it a 1-3-1?"
"Is it a 2-3?"
"How do you attack this thing?"

Those are the questions your opponents will be asking when they go up against Bill Evans' unique match-up zone defense that has a history of success stemming back decades!

Evans shares his considerable experience using this zone defense in one of the most in-depth match-up zone videos you will find. Unlike in typical zone defenses, your players will constantly be able to cover the ball with rotations rather than getting confused with two players on the ball in a bump situation. This video shows how you can turn up the pressure with multiple traps, disrupt passing lanes, or play more conservatively to protect the paint.

Match-Up Zone Rules

The rules of Evans' zone defense are broken down in detail through whiteboard diagrams and on-court demonstration. You will learn the responsibilities for each player on the floor and how they rotate as the ball moves. Evans shows how to crowd the high post while applying ball pressure with the "Up Guard" and "Down Guard". Unlike other zone defenses, this system simplifies the coverages of the guards so they aren't exhausted while trying to defend all parts of the floor.

Additionally, you'll see how the "Middle Man" protects the rim while also rotating out to defend the corner with support from the "Up Men." The unique vocabulary of the positions and court geography are explained in addition to the technique that players use while shifting alignments to match up to the ball.

Adjusting the Zone

Coach Evans also makes sure to break down the most common scenarios that you will face with this zone. You'll see how you can adjust your coverage against offenses with different alignments such as a two-man front or overload. Evans even details how to cover skip passes with the "Modify" adjustment.

This zone allows players to attack penetration to keep the ball out of the paint, whether it be off the dribble or the pass. Evans presents multiple strategies you can use when the ball gets into the high post depending on the abilities of your opponents. You will also see how this zone defends ball screens, optimizes your chance for securing rebounds, and shuts down out of bounds plays.

Disrupt Offenses!

The zone also features numerous tactics for disrupting your opponent. You can increase the pressure by trapping numerous spots on the floor, including the wings, corners, and short corners. Evans shares three variations on how to trap the low post. The zone can also extend and disrupt passing lanes using the "Choke" and "Blitz" strategies. These options will force turnovers, confuse your opponents, and slow their ball movement to a crawl.

To help you install this defensive system, three breakdown drills are also included that will help your players internalize the rotations necessary for them to hit their spots as quickly as possible.

Send opposing teams back to the drawing board as they try to crack the puzzle of this zone defense - your new not-so-secret weapon!

94 minutes. 2018.

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