Best of the Best Football Series

Best of the Best Football Series
Best of the Best Football Series
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Product Description

  • Train your receivers to be dynamic, explosive play makers using this collection of game-tested drills
  • Learn a drill sequence for developing a dominant offensive line
  • Gain proven techniques and insights from some of the best offensive line coaches in the game
  • Give your quarterback the confidence and time he needs to deliver the football
  • Gain access to a variety of top-level drills and techniques for the defensive line
  • Teach skills that will immediately increase your defensive production and carry over to game success
featuring Del Alexander, Brent Brennan, Ron Dugans, Curtis Johnson, Reggie Moore, Todd Norman and Terrence Samuel

Seven of the nation's top coaches provide detailed analysis and step-by-step breakdowns of 45 game-tested drills that you can easily integrate into your daily practices. These drills will help you train your receivers to get off the ball, run precise routes, and catch passes in tight windows.

Position Specific Training for Receivers and Running Backs

Segment one covers several key factors, including maximizing foot speed, balance, core strength and overall physical conditioning. These drills help develop explosiveness, core development, and vertical explosion. The video also reviews tips on small hurdles and resistance bands. Incorporation of catching the football within the drills is used to develop precision and focus, both physically and mentally.


These drills focus on the stance, body position, and footwork designed to allow your receiving corps to line up and see the weakness in the secondary. From there, your receivers will learn to explode off the line and seamlessly transition into routes, making them more likely to get open.

Drills and Routes

Coach your players on proper route running and spotting the open passing windows in the coverage. Your players will also learn how to fight for the ball when it's in the air.

Quick Feet, Violent Hands and Separation Techniques

This segment offers drills that help wide receivers improve foot speed, hand-eye coordination and separation techniques to make your receiving corps lethal and dynamic. Develop the full potential of your athletes with this incredible presentation that reinforces football intelligence by mastering separation techniques and learning leverage positions, with emphasis on the Half-Man Rule.

Techniques and Drills for Creating Championship Wide Receivers

An elite wide receiver must understand what the defense is giving up, as well as what the defense is trying to take away.

Using the drills in this section in sequence, your wide-outs will learn how to create more separation and develop better timing with the quarterback. Results from these drills will lead to more completions and open up additional possibilities for your offense.

The video covers the intricacies of several different release techniques against bump man coverage, which will improve players' catching technique as they learn to fight for the ball when it's in the air. You'll receive detailed analysis of the six types of catches, the best time to use each one, and several drills to practice catching under different circumstances.

Regardless of the coverage your wide receivers face, they will be able to execute by leveraging the techniques used in this video. They will learn to take advantage of what the defense has given them by getting off the ball quicker, as well as how to catch the football in traffic. The sequencing of drills and skills provides you with an effective teaching methodology to ensure your players use the proper techniques.

62 minutes. 2015.

featuring drills from James Burk, Steve Greatwood, Dan Roushar and Ed Warinner,

This video showcases a variety of essential drills used by offensive line coaches from some of the best programs in the nation including Oregon, Notre Dame and Michigan State.

Collected from Championship Productions' video library, these drills and schemes will provide you with a blueprint for success in the trenches. Each coach adds their own coaching style to the video, which makes it a unique combination of instruction from differing philosophies.

You'll learn 30 drills that teach skills such as stance, get-off, hand placement and footwork for drive, reach and cutoff blocks. Drills for pulling and trapping are covered, as well as zone blocking strategies. All blocks eventually turn into a drive

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