Best of Club Volleyball: Transition Training Drills

Best of Club Volleyball: Transition Training Drills
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Discover drills to help your team easily transition through all phases of the game!

  • Learn how to change any transition drill that teaches a skill into a competitive drill
  • See how to involve all players in all positions while focusing on transition
  • Get drills that create disadvantage situations, forcing other players to rise to the challenge of terminating points

with Max Miller,
Club Director and Owner of Mintonette Sports;
Back-to-Back 2013 and 2014 USAV National Champions (2013-14);
University of Northwestern Ohio Head Coach;
former Bishop Hartley (OH) High School Head Coach, 2011 Ohio State Champions

Looking for drills emphasizing transition that cover all phases of the game? Look no further!

Max Miller shares his expertise in creating a variety of transition drills, beginning with warm-up all the way through highly-competitive work. Miller emphasizes working all athletes in all positions and challenging them to work in positions outside their comfort zones. The drills create situations in which some positions aren't available, forcing other positions to rise to the challenge of terminating points.

Transition Drills

Defensive specialists, outside hitters, middles and back row can all be the center of focus for improving transition skills. Miller shows you how to use different transition drills to focus on specific positions. Drills start with 1v1 and develop into 6v6 play, with several variations of each. Scoring options to provide additional competitiveness are presented with regard to the needs of your team. Drills include:

  • 2v2 drill - Blocker transitions to attack, second passer passes and sets the second ball. Encourages communication and also introduces another player into the drill.
  • 5v5 middle focus drill - Focuses on middle blocker transition off the net to make them available for an attack.
  • 6 vs 3 back row - The focus for this drill is for blockers to get their block-kills from a triple-block and then transition to score.
  • 10 before 6, 6 vs 3 - A competitive team game focusing on terminating and catching balls.

All drills can be adjusted to accommodate different skill levels. Drills can also work cooperatively to encourage consistent continuation of the drill, or they can be worked competitively for more advanced levels of play.

Transition means working harder than the other team, according to Coach Miller. This video provides drills to achieve that relentless work ethic!

64 minutes. 2017.

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