Best of Club Volleyball: Teaching & Training the 6-2 Offense

Best of Club Volleyball: Teaching & Training the 6-2 Offense
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Everything you need to structure, drill and diagnose the 6-2 system!

  • Set up serve receive patterns to have your best passers receive the most serves
  • Train your team to vary attack points on offense and find weaknesses in the opponent's defense
  • Learn how to use mini games to perfect the 6-2 offense

with Mike Schall,
Triangle Volleyball Club (NC) Associate Director and Head Coach

Coach Schall led Triangle 18 Black to win an Open Bid to USAV Junior Nationals and coached Triangle 16 Black to a 5th place finish in the 16 Open Division at AAU Nationals. He is a former Penn State University Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach (under Russ Rose); played 4 years on the Penn State Men's Volleyball team, 2x team co-captain.

Mike Schall demonstrates the fundamentals of the 6-2 offensive system. He provides thorough examples of offensive patterns and serve receive concepts, then runs drills to demonstrate them with his team. In addition to showing basic concepts, he also shows ways to use the 6-2 to attack your opponent strategically.

Serve Receive Rules and Strategies

Beginning to set up the system for receive is the first step in running any system in volleyball. Coach Schall breaks down the various rotations to explain ways to get your best passers and hitters in the position to make successful plays. He focuses on each rotation and explains how the overlap rules impact your serve receive options.

Each rotation is shown in detail with straightforward serve receive lineups to show how Schall would create two passer back courts and three passer back courts. You can use two passers to protect your best outside hitter from taking the first ball and to give your setter the least amount of ground to cover to be in the best position to pass.

Coach Schall presents more advanced alternatives for you to utilize as your team progresses. Each strategy is demonstrated by his team as he provides insight into their actions.

Offensive Patterns Associated with the 6-2 System

Coach Schall explains four offensive patterns that work with the 6-2 offensive system. He runs his team through various drills to show how each pattern works, and explains why certain elements are effective and when to use them.

You can use the basic systems with a lower-level team. Then, as your team advances in their offensive skills, you can utilize the "next level" in your offense to help your team attack your opponent and take advantage of their weaknesses.

Mini Games for Plays and Rotations

Getting stuck in a rotation during a game can change the outcome. Get ahead of the competition by using engaging, competitive, and goal-oriented games. Schall runs his team through a series of rotational mini-games that you can use to help your team transition to offense. Each of the rotational drills provides a different focal point to help you understand how to keep your team engaged while improving their skills.

You'll see various rotational drills with two and three passers as Schall and his team demonstrate transition into their offensive pattern. He explains ways to focus your players on elements such as passing, calling the offensive pattern, finding defensive weaknesses, and utilizing specific hitters.

Coach Schall provides eight concept-based drills that take you through 6-2 serve receive formations and link them with various offensive patterns. Each phase of the video provides you with options to customize your practices to meet your team's current goals and skill level!

70 minutes. 2017.

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