Best of Club Volleyball: Teaching & Training the 5-1 Offense

Best of Club Volleyball: Teaching & Training the 5-1 Offense
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Discover the intricacies of the 5-1 offense system to attack from every position on the floor!

  • Learn the rotations on the floor so that you can understand strengths and weaknesses of the 5-1 offense system
  • Understand how to communicate with your players using a grid and lane system to identify the best defensive coverages
  • Create 1-on-1 and open net situations for your 5-1 offense

featuring B.J. Bryant,
Co-Director Wisconsin Volleyball Academy;
Coached the 16U team to a third-place finish at the 2015 AAU National Championships;
St. Norbert College Head Women's Volleyball Coach

with Jon Ellmann,
Co-Director Wisconsin Volleyball Academy, 18U Head Coach

and Rocky Koenig,
Wisconsin Volleyball Academy 17U Black Head Coach

Implementing a 5-1 offense will help your team utilize a consistent attack at a quicker tempo. This offensive system gives teams more scoring options and greater versatility on serve receive. Wisconsin Volleyball Academy Co-Director and 16U coach BJ Bryant and his team of coaches teach and demonstrate many aspects of executing the 5-1 offense. They provide the concepts necessary to set up a 5-1 system in your own program. Bryant uses his club players to show how to run the 5-1 offense with quick tempo in all rotations.

Setting Up the 5-1 Offense

Beginning at the most basic level, 18U Head Coach Coach Jon Ellmann starts at the white board to show you the 5-1 offense, and how to reinforce the foundational aspects of it in drill and practice situations. He explains the terminology and concepts needed to understand the 5-1 offense in all six rotations. Ellmann then breaks down serving and serve receive rotations throughout the six rotations. He provides various options and reasons that the 5-1 provides additional flexibility in attacking your opponents.

Run a Quick Tempo System

Coach Bryant provides a variety of drills to push the tempo of the offense when the setter is in the front row. He takes you through a practice session focused on tempo hitting lines, middle attacks, one-foot attacks, back-row attacks and more. You'll gain an understanding of how to attack with a quick middle, multiple back-row attackers and an offensive-minded setter. Learn how your players need to communicate on the floor and how your setter needs to receive feedback from the hitters. You'll see how the team adjusts between balls to switch the offensive attack with two front row hitters and two back row attackers.

Learn to Win Matches by Running the 5-1 Offense

17U Black Head Coach Rocky Koenig teaches transitioning serve receive into an aggressive, quick tempo attack. Koenig provides strategies on how to defend an opponent that runs the 5-1 offense and gives you advanced techniques for adjusting your defensive strategy to protect your front row setter from touching too many balls. You'll gain an understanding of switching between rotation and perimeter defense depending on the attacker from the opposing team. Practice sessions can include multiple situations both offensively and defensively. Utilizing back-row attackers will keep the defense guessing.

The 5-1 offense can be an effective offensive weapon. By putting your team in the best positions, you'll create an intimidating offense with front-row and back-row attack threats. When those threats are quick and powerful, your 5-1 offense can achieve tremendous success.

89 minutes. 2017.

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