Best of Club Volleyball: Passing & Serving

Best of Club Volleyball: Passing & Serving
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Build a game-like practice so players can naturally handle difficult situations during the intensity of a match!

  • Discover an alternative to the typical Butterfly drill where players focus on the keys to good passing, constantly moving, and using the full playing surface
  • Learn how to generate more touches for your players and allow them to be put in situations that they are likely to experience during a match
  • Incorporate the 80% philosophy, allowing your passers to be put in situations that mimic what takes place in a game

with Nabil Mardini,
Director of Operations with Los Angeles Volleyball Academy;
Pierce College Head Coach;
3x CCCAA California State Champions and Back-to-Back Runners-Up;
2x AVCA National Two-Year College Coach of the Year

This video takes you to an off-season workout with Coach Nabil Mardini and will show you how to allow many passing opportunities for your athletes in a 4v4 game. Coach Mardini sets up a handful of drills along with a wide variety of variations that you can use to adapt the core drill to fill the needs of your team.

Coach Mardini shares the core values, concepts, and methods he uses in the gym to train serving and passing. By understanding the "why" along with the "how" to perform the techniques, Coach Mardini explains how to get your players to understand what they are doing.

Key Techniques for Better Serves

You'll get insights from Coach Mardini on three common types of serves: the stand float, the jump float, and the jump serve. While each serve has its own method, Coach Mardini explains how there are shared techniques between all three, including maintaining high elbows, location of the toss, and using a consistent rhythm on every repetition. When you put all of the instruction together, your athletes will be able to become less sporadic and serve with more power and movement on the ball.

Core Techniques Used by All Passers

Coach Mardini breaks out the key elements of the pass and uses his players to demonstrate arm position, body posture, and footwork to be an effective passer. He explains why the various elements work so you can explain them to players that need adjustment in their passing technique, along with core techniques and strategies that apply to the whole team.

Learn the Value of VOLLEYSAL

Need a passing drill that can morph into a game with endless ways to focus on different skills, court placement and position work, and allow your athletes to get several touches? VOLLEYSAL is that game!

Coach Mardini has adopted the concept of indoor soccer training, called FUTSAL, to develop VOLLEYSAL. He demonstrates a variety of drill variations you can use to train serving and passing within a 4v4 or even 3v3 environment, which works well with smaller club or recreation teams. Coach Mardini explains how the smaller court presence can improve the number of touches per player and increase court awareness.

Coach Mardini completes the video by demonstrating specific drills using the VOLLEYSAL concept to work on specific elements of passing while creating competition with the smaller teams. His drills allow you to create drills that challenge players of any skill level and push athletes to challenge each other to become better servers and passers.

104 minutes. 2018.

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