Best of Club Volleyball: Competitive Drills & Games

Best of Club Volleyball: Competitive Drills & Games
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Train your team to be more competitive throughout practice!

  • Use competitive games to create problem solving situations for your team
  • Discover different ways to score games to emphasize a particular skill or strategy
  • Learn how to modify scoring systems based on the level of your team

with Silvia Johnson,
Metro Volleyball Club - Director (Washington, D.C., VA, MD),
2015 Girl's Junior 18 National Champions; all of Johnson's players have gone on to play volleyball in college and beyond.
Served as Assistant Coach at American University (where she played); also played for Long Beach State on the undefeated 1998 NCAA Championship team.

Silvia Johnson demonstrates a variety of competitive drills to work on attacking techniques as well as defense against an attacker. She focuses on lower body drills and upper body drills to teach players how to "feel" the technique. This video will help you build a progression-based training method that will take you from box drills, to toss to self, coach toss, from setter and then live game play.

Generate Competition, Improve Practice Intensity

Coach Johnson understands that practice time is limited for the club and recreational player. Her drills are designed to allow a variety of elements to be worked while keeping players moving and enthusiastic. Johnson explains how each drill can focus on skills previously worked in practice and how to generate the competition that improves all players. Her drills can be adapted to a wide range of skill sets to work with most any team.

Competitive Drills

  • 5 Kill Drill - An attacking warm-up for hitters and setters that has a nice pace and spin compared to a traditional hitting line warm-up.
  • Outsides vs Defense Drill - A 4v6 game that focuses on the skill sets an outside hitter should posses versus a live defense. A great point system that challenges both the outsides and the defense.
  • Line and Angle - Focuses on serve receive, transition from an attack and the ability to hit line and/or angle. A twist to hitting lines with a competitive component and focus.
  • Five Ball Wash Drill - A fast 6v6 game focusing on serve receive, free ball transition, middle scoring bonuses and live competitive play.
  • Money Ball - A 6v6 game that has a twist to keeping your points through a money ball bonus. Adds other point scoring opportunities for teams that may want to add additional areas to work on. There's an added bonus with a different version of money ball with high scoring bonuses.
  • 3 in a Row - 6v6 game with an offensive and defensive scoring component. Opportunity to work multiple reps for specific rotations and both sides get opportunities to score as an offensive and defensive unit.
  • WIN - 6v6 game with the ability to score multiple in a row with a serve receive emphasis.

You'll also get to listen to Johnson explain why she uses the various drills as well as some tweaks you can add.

Modify Drills to Encourage Specific Outcomes

Coach Johnson utilizes simple challenges to encourage her players to naturally execute specific goals. Instead of utilizing punishment and rewards, Johnson is able to create drills that are easily adapted to change the focal point without radically altering the drill. She shows how to use a few comments and rewards to encourage the desired behavior. Perfect for any team at any level!

54 minutes. 2017.

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